Medical Cannabis PETcaps: Flavored Capsules Bringing Relief to Pets

Medical Cannabis PETcaps: Flavored Capsules Bringing Relief to Pets

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As medical cannabis becomes available across the country, more and more people are recognizing its versatility and effectiveness. Medical cannabis has been shown to reduce anxiety, alleviate pain and inflammation caused by arthritis, and possibly prevent cancer from spreading. Unfortunately, arthritis and cancer aren’t just part of the human condition; cats and dogs can suffer from these ailments too, and may also be able to benefit from medical cannabis.

Modern pet owners spend more on their pets than ever before. This increased spending includes not only higher quality food and designer beds and toys but also veterinary care. To meet this increased demand for high quality pet care, The Capsule Consulting Group, a full-service capsule manufacturer and consultancy, has developed capsule products for cats and dogs, entering the field of veterinary pharmaceuticals with PETcaps. The pet-specific capsules are able to provide pets with care and treatment that would have been impossible decades ago.


Pets and Pain

Advances in veterinary medicine are allowing pets to live longer lives, but pain management is still tricky. NSAIDs are commonly prescribed for pain relief, but pets may experience stomach upset, loss of appetite, and other behavioral changes. Cats are especially difficult to medicate due to their smaller size, and medications that are safe for humans and dogs often aren’t safe for cats.

Cats are also more sensitive to NSAIDs, even in small, cat-sized doses, and the potential side effects are riskier. While a pet who won’t eat is a cause for concern for a pet owner, cats can become extremely sick after only a few days without eating. For pets who respond poorly to NSAIDs, alternative treatments may help manage their pain without causing them additional discomfort.


Endocannabinoid System

Pets are potentially able to benefit from cannabis because all mammals have an endocannabinoid system. This system can be found throughout the immune system and nervous system as well as in other nerves and organs. When cannabis is consumed through smoking, edibles or capsules, the endocannabinoid system responds to cannabinoids like THC and CBD, relieving the symptoms of many chronic conditions.

Just as cats and dogs develop diseases similar to those in humans, pets may also be able to find relief through medical cannabis. Currently there are no published research studies on the use of medical cannabis for either cats or dogs, but some veterinarians and owners are considering it as a valid option for pain management and treatment.


Methods of Consumption

Despite its benefits, cannabis cannot simply be given to pets like catnip. Products meant for humans can cause abnormal behavior because of their higher dosages and, in the case of some edibles, food items like chocolate that aren’t pet-safe.

THC, a psychoactive component in cannabis, may also be harmful to dogs and cats in high doses. Fortunately, research suggests that CBD can help reduce pain and inflammation in pets without causing intoxication. Pet owners should be cautious, and only give their pets CBD products specifically designed for pets.


Enter PETcaps

No matter what treatment is used, some pets won’t want to take their medicine. Hiding medicine in food works for some cats and dogs, but finicky felines and picky pooches have been known to eat their dinner and leave their medicine. As with other medications, medical cannabis needs to be presented in a way that’s appealing to cats and dogs but still safe. TCCG’s DOGcaps and CATcaps are available in bacon, beef, and chicken flavor and strongly scented to entice pets.

Both DOGcaps and CATcaps are manufactured and sold as empty gelatin capsules. Pet owners can use the capsules to make smaller, unflavored pills more appealing to their pets, and manufacturers can take advantage of The Capsule Consulting Group’s easy to fill, fast dissolving, and safety tested capsules to create pharmaceutical and supplemental products for cats and dogs.

Many pet owners have already seen their pets’ health improve after giving their pets medical cannabis. Additional research is needed, but for pets with cancer or chronic pain conditions, the hope of relief may be worth the potential risks.

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