Medical Marijuana Petition in New Jersey Gets 18,000 Signatures

New Jersey

Activists have collected 18,000 signatures on a petition that asks New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to sign a bill that would allow people to use medical marijuana for post-traumatic stress disorder when it is not treatable by conventional means.

Creators of the online petition, who work at The Joint Blog, are seeking at least 25,000 signatures, according to a Sept. 5, 2016, article at

The petition reads in part, “The measure sits on the desk of Governor Chris Christie, who has the option of signing it into law, allowing it to become law without his signature, or vetoing it. We are calling Governor Christie to quickly sign it into law, allowing those suffering from the ailment to use a medicine that research has continually shown is beneficial.”

In June, a version the bill passed the New Jersey Assembly with a vote of 56-13 with 7 abstentions, and then the Senate version passed in August with a vote of 28-9.

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