Medical Marijuana Working For Minnesota Patients


A recent survey of Minnesota’s medical marijuana patients found 90 percent said the drug was beneficial, according to a June 7, 2016, article at

The survey, conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health, queried 435 patients using medical marijuana.

The pollsters discovered only 10 percent of medical marijuana patients experienced “little to no change.”

Reports from patients have been overwhelmingly positive, with 66 percent claiming “significant” improvements from medical marijuana and 24 percent saying their benefits were “mild to moderate.”

Eighty-three percent of HIV/AIDS patients reported a “great deal of benefit.” On a scale of one to seven, with seven signifying the greatest benefit, 55 percent of cancer patients scored medical marijuana as a seven, and 21 percent gave it a six. Doctors, on the other hand, believed the benefits to their patients to be much less.

Meanwhile, however, cost was considered prohibitive by the majority of those surveyed.

In Minnesota, 1,442 people have been permitted to use medical marijuana.

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