Michigan to Allow Stacking of Medical Cannabis Class C Cultivation Licenses

Michigan to Allow Stacking of Medical Cannabis Class C Cultivation Licenses

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On Sept. 28, 2017, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs issued an advisory bulletin announcing that the department would allow the stacking of medical cannabis class C cultivation licenses.

Holding a class C cultivation license allows for the cultivation of up to 1,500 medical cannabis plants.

According to the bulletin, stacked licenses must be issued to the same applicant/licensee and that each license would require a separate application. Licensees would not be required to operate each license in a separate location, but would still be subject to local zoning regulations and ordinances.

Earlier in the month, the department also announced that individuals would be allowed to simultaneously hold licenses for cultivation, processing and dispensing.

Although the department hopes that the stacking of class C cultivation licenses will lead to better patient experiences; others, like medical cannabis caregiver Jason Durham, are more skeptical.

“They’re doing everything they can do to shut down the mom and pops,” Durham told the Detroit Free Press. “They want it to be one corporation that has control so they only have to babysit and monitor one business.”

The state Medical Marihuana Licensing Board will begin accepting applications on Dec. 15.

William Sumner, a freelance writer and marijuana journalist, was a staff writer for MJINews from May 2014 through February 2018. You can follow him on Twitter @W_Sumner.

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