Michigan Court Rules Smoking Marijuana in Car Not Protected by Law

Michigan and Marijuana in Cars

A Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled 2-1 that smoking marijuana inside of a parked car is not protected under Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act.

According to WZZM, the case stems from a 2013 incident where medical marijuana patient Robert Michael Carlton had been charged for marijuana possession for smoking a joint in his car outside of Soaring Eagle Casino.

Carlton argued that the case should be dismissed because his car was not an area open to the public. Prosecutors countered by claiming that since the casino is open to the public, so is the parking lot and thus Carlton was in violation of the law.

Ultimately, the justices sided with the prosecution because even though the car could have been considered a private place, the car’s location was not private. A district court had previously ruled in favor of Carlton, but this new decision reverses that ruling.

William Sumner, a freelance writer and marijuana journalist, was a staff writer for MJINews from May 2014 through February 2018. You can follow him on Twitter @W_Sumner.

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