Michigan Marijuana Campaign Reaches Significant Milestone

A Michigan marijuana campaign to legalize recreational marijuana in the state has reached a significant milestone. On July 10, 2017, the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol announced that its petition to put legalization on the 2018 ballot had earned more than 100,000 signatures.

In order to qualify for the ballot under Michigan law, petitioners have 180 days to gather 252,523 valid signatures. With the petition drive less than two months underway, reaching 100,000 signatures so early represents a positive sign for the campaign, according to coalition spokesperson Josh Hovey.

“The support we are seeing across the state has been fantastic,” Hovey said in a press release. “If we can keep up this momentum, we will have all signatures in four months rather than the six months required by state law.”

So far, the campaign has gathered approximately 102,425 signatures, with 99,209 of those signatures collected by paid signature collectors and the remaining 3,216 collected by volunteers.

If approved by voters in 2018, the coalition’s proposed measure would legalize recreational marijuana for adults 21 years or older, establish safety and testing regulations for the industry and tax recreational sales at 16%.

William Sumner, a freelance writer and marijuana journalist, was a staff writer for MJINews from May 2014 through February 2018. You can follow him on Twitter @W_Sumner.

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