Mike Gravel Named Cannabis Sativa CEO

Cannabis Sativa

MESQUITE, Nev., April 1, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — Cannabis Sativa Inc. (OTCQB: CBDS) announced today that Senator Mike Gravel will take over as CEO of Cannabis Sativa, Inc.

“As an active and outspoken member of the CBDS Board of Directors, Senator Mike Gravel is familiar with the executive side of operations, and his wealth of experience with public policies, politics and private business make him an outstanding choice and a fortuitous acquisition to our management team.” said former interim CEO David Tobias, “we are privileged that Senator Gravel is available to accept the executive office of CEO since he has withdrawn from his position as CEO and Board Member of KUSH, a spinoff of Cannabis Sativa. Gravel will help the Company and the entire cannabis sector to overcome federal criminalization policies of the industry. His stature as a noted political figure demands a response, as we experienced under Governor Gary Johnson’s tenure.”

Mr. Tobias will transition to the position of President of Cannabis Sativa.

Gravel sought the United States presidency in the 2008 cycle and served in the Senate from 1969 to 1981. He was an outspoken opponent of the Nixon Administration’s war on drugs. He is best known for officially releasing the Pentagon Papers and forcing an end to the military draft, both of which contributed to ending the Vietnam War. Senator Gravel secured the tightly contested Congressional authorization for the construction of the Alaska pipeline which has had, and continues to have, a substantial impact on American’s energy economy and the nation’s foreign policy.

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