MJIC Media Acquires Pot-Stocks.com and Rebrands Website as Cannabis Trader

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CHICAGO, JULY 28, 2015 /Weed Wire/ — MJIC Media LLC, a marijuana media conglomerate, today announced that it has acquired Pot-Stocks.com, an online source for cannabis investment education and stock information, and is rebranding the website as Cannabis Trader.

MJIC Media owns and operates the leading properties in the emerging legal cannabis industry, including the Marijuana Index, which tracks and reports on publicly traded cannabis related equities; Marijuana Investor News, the premier news agency covering the industry; and the Marijuana Investor Summit, a premium conference provider and industry educator.

MJIC Media has rebranded Pot-Stocks.com to do business as Cannabis Trader, and has positioned the website to become the industry’s premier source for investment analysis.

“Pot-Stocks.com is a vital addition to the MJIC Media family, enabling us to provide unparalleled information, research and data on public cannabis companies,” said David Friedman, CEO of MJIC Media. “Existing and prospective investors deserve sound information on publicly traded cannabis companies and Pot-Stocks.com will be the source that advances their market intelligence.”

“Joining MJIC Media was an outstanding deal for us. They have an all-star cast of experienced investors and analysts invested in our success, and that will translate to Pot-Stocks.com becoming the most trusted source of investment analysis in the industry,” said Chris Gromek, founder of Pot-Stocks.com and COO of MJIC Media.

“With this deal, we’ll be able to take our service to another level and contribute to a great family of marijuana news sites,” Gromek said. “Americans want to invest in the cannabis industry, but there is no consensus on who to trust. We’ll build that trust over time and grow a great community.”
About MJIC Media LLC:
MJIC Media LLC is the legal cannabis industry’s premiere news, research, data and education source. Properties include: Marijuana Investor News; Cannabis Trader; the Marijuana Index; and the Marijuana Investor Summit.

For more information, contact info@marijuanaindex.com.

About Pot-Stocks.com:
Pot-Stocks.com is an online source for investor education and public cannabis investment information. For more information on how to utilize this tool for your investment needs, please visit www.pot-stocks.com or contact Chris Gromek at (504-265-2660) or email at potstocks1@gmail.com. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @Potstocks1.


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