MJIC Media Completes Comprehensive Cannabis Multimedia Offering With Print Publication

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CHICAGO, Dec. 15, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — Marijuana Industry News, a new print and digital publication for the legal cannabis industry, is the latest offering from MJIC Media.

“We’ve created a community of cannabis business owners and investors that meets and solves industry problems both online and in-person at our trade shows and conferences. The magazine completes our comprehensive multimedia offering,” said Kristin Fox, co-publisher and editor-in-chief.

“The global legal cannabis industry is probably one of the most complex frontier markets in existence,” said Fox. “When, where and under what circumstances is it legal are loaded questions and the answers can’t be taken for granted. Today’s answer may not be the same tomorrow. It’s critical that people in the industry be able to get reliable and comprehensive information.”

Legalization isn’t just marching across the United States. It’s a global movement and there is much to learn from the collective experience. There is much that nascent and developed markets can gain from one another. Marijuana Industry News focuses on global thinking so that readers can act locally. The local market focus is California, currently the most highly progressive medical cannabis market and soon to be the world’s largest adult-use market following the November 2016 approval of Prop 64.

Marijuana Industry News concentrates on legal and compliance issues, cultivation, medical developments, technology, edibles and investing.

The print magazine will have an initial distribution of 10,000 copies in Southern California and the digital, along with bonus content, will go to more than 40,000 subscribers and is available online at MJINews.com.

About MJIC Media

MJIC Media LLC owns and operates the leading properties in the emerging legal cannabis industry, including the Marijuana Index, which tracks and reports on publicly traded cannabis-related equities; Marijuana Industry News, the premier news agency covering the industry; and Marijuana Investor Summit, a premium conference provider and industry educator. MJIC Media is a division of MJIC Inc.

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