MJIC Radio Gives Legal Cannabis a New Voice

MJIC and ProCon

CHICAGO, Dec. 24, 2015 /Weed Wire/ — MJIC Media is raising its voice for cannabis with the launch of MJIC Radio. The latest offering from the MJIC Media family, MJIC Radio offers thoughtful conversations about the pros and cons of investing in legal cannabis, as well as building and growing a brand in this nascent industry and interviews with top business owners and activists.

A partnership between MJIC Media and The Cannabis Marketing Lab, the radio station currently offers three regular programs, with more in the works. “Marijuana Investor Insights” airs every Friday at 4 PM EST with host David Friedman, CEO of MJIC Inc., and Celeste Miranda, founder and CEO of The Cannabis Marketing Lab, hosts the eponymously named radio show every Tuesday at 12 PM PST.

Matthew Kind is the host of CannaInsider, on his podcast he interviews the luminaries of the emerging cannabis industry.

“MJIC Radio was designed to complement MJIC Media’s stable of cannabis information products,” said Friedman. “Our radio shows provide investors and entrepreneurs with the information they need to make wise investment and business decisions in the legal cannabis space. The industry needs a voice of reason and we are it,” said Friedman.

“It’s important for the legal cannabis industry to brand itself as smart and thoughtful,” said Miranda. “Our show is all about building brand—for individuals and for the industry.”

MJICRadio can be heard directly from our site with a 24/7 live stream and all of our original programming is distributed through the world’s largest podcast platforms including iHeartRadio, iTunes and Spreaker.

MJIC, Inc. is a holding company that operates businesses in the legal marijuana space including its portfolio of media related properties, distribution, branding and financial services.

The Cannabis Marketing Lab is a division of Miranda Marketing Labs, located in San Luis Obispo, California. TCML was born in a “round-about” way into an industry very much needing a marketing innovator. Today, TCML touts a full service agency, servicing their clients with web development, SEO, content creation, PR writing, graphic design, videography and social media. Out-of-the-box thinkers, The Cannabis Marketing Lab IS the branding of entrepreneurial cannabis ventures.

Kristin Fox

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