New Hampshire Gubernatorial Candidate Advocates Pot For Revenue Stream

New Hampshire

Steve Marchand, a Democratic candidate for governor in New Hampshire, advocates legalization of recreational marijuana for adults 21 years of age and older in his state, according to an Aug. 2, 2016, article in the Concord Monitor.

Marchand said full legalization could generate $30 million in revenues, based upon figures from other states like Colorado and Washington.

“I’m the only candidate that’s willing to say we need more revenue,” he said. “That’s as high priority as anything I’m doing.”

Marchand believes marijuana could be a solid source of that revenue. “We have the benefit of the experience of other states. It has generated more revenue than even the most optimistic advocates thought it would,” he said.

As the only candidate in either party to call for legalized recreational marijuana, Marchand said he is surprised New Hampshire has not gotten on the bandwagon.

“Maine may legalize it this fall. Massachusetts has it on the ballot. I can’t believe Vermont hasn’t legalized it yet…as it is we’re going to be late to the dance on this issue,” he said.

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