NFL Players Association to Study MMJ for Pain Management

NFL Players Association to Study MMJ for Pain Management

Flickr / U.S. Department of Agriculture / CC BY 2.0

In an effort to help reduce the use of opioids among injured players, the NFL Players Association is actively studying medical marijuana as an alternative tool in pain management, as reported by The Washington Post. The NFLPA’s move follows the recent wave of U.S. states adopting both medical and recreational marijuana.

According to, the association is actively putting together an NFL players pain management committee that will be tasked with studying the issue of pain management for players.

While some dubbed it a “marijuana” committee, the NFLPA was quick to clarify the committee’s purpose.

“Yes. It’s a committee that will look at pain management for NFL players not a marijuana committee. Nuanced but important distinction,” said George Atallah, the NFLPA’s assistant executive director of external affairs, on Twitter.

However, even if the committee recommends that the NFL relax its position on marijuana, it could still take years before that recommendation bears fruit. The NFL continues to stand firm on its marijuana policy and the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and NFLPA is not up for renewal for another five years.

William Sumner, a freelance writer and marijuana journalist, was a staff writer for MJINews from May 2014 through February 2018. You can follow him on Twitter @W_Sumner.

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