The New Jersey Cannabusiness Association (NJCBA) Endorses Senator Scutari’s Cannabis Legislation for Adult-Use

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TRENTON, N.J., May 15, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association (NJCBA), the state’s leading business advocacy group for expanding access to medical cannabis and responsible adult-use of cannabis, fully endorses Senator Nicholas Scutari’s adult-use cannabis legislation.

“This legislation does several things to provide greater access to cannabis for patients who need and are permitted by law to this medication,” said Scott Rudder, President of the NJCBA. “While medical cannabis is legal in New Jersey, the current law and regulations make it extraordinarily difficult for patients to access their doctor-directed medication. This legislation will open the doors to access to individuals 21 and over. The result will allow a responsible adult to simply walk into a store to purchase their medication much the same way a consumer can go into their local pharmacy to purchase Advil.”

Citing the success of programs being implemented in states like Colorado, which have instituted an adult-use program following a medical program, Rudder commented, “A responsible and regulated industry will create entrepreneurs, create jobs and add tax revenue, all while drying up the unregulated and often dangerous illegal market.”

“It really comes down to science and statistics,” added Rudder. “We know the medical benefits. We know that cannabis is being used as an off-ramp for opioid addiction. We have seen the studies coming out of Colorado that shows teenage use slightly decrease. We know that opioid addiction decreases by an average of 23% in states and overdose deaths decreased by 33% that have legalized cannabis. We know this happens all while generating billions of dollars in sales to small business owners instead of drug cartels.”

Rudder acknowledged the difficulties the legislation faces with the current governor. But he noted that Scutari’s bill – coupled with ever increasing support nationwide for adult-use cannabis – is creating a highly optimistic environment for the future of New Jersey. “The future is looking bright for the cannabis industry in New Jersey,” said Rudder. “Senator Scutari’s legislation is right on point when it comes to regulating an industry in a safe and responsible manner. We are excited about the jobs and opportunities this legislation will bring to New Jersey.”

The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association’s mission is to promote jobs and growth in a sustainable and responsible cannabis industry. Starting with the pioneers in the medical cannabis market to the emerging players in the adult-use space, the NJCBA’s focus is to make certain that decision makers and regulators understand and respect the needs of the CannaBusiness community and that our community remain responsible corporate citizens. Scott Rudder a former Republican state legislator, mayor, veteran and current government affairs executive. In addition to his government and political leadership roles, Scott led Business Development efforts for Lockheed Martin Corporation with a focus on energy systems and radar programs.

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Scott Rudder
President, Board of Directors
New Jersey CannaBusiness Association

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