New Jersey Cannabusiness Association to Host Cannabis Educational Seminar for Local Officials

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TRENTON, NJ, Jan. 17, 2018 /Weed Wire/ – The debate about cannabis legalization in New Jersey is intensifying by the minute. Unfortunately, this heightened focus on the issue has brought with it many of the same fallacies and falsehoods that have existed for nearly a century. To help combat this outdated and misinformation, the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association (NJCBA), will host an educational event for local officials in February.

Who: New Jersey CannaBusiness Association
What: Local Official Education Seminar
When: February 20th, 9am-12pm
Where: War Memorial, Trenton, New Jersey

The NJCBA, New Jersey’s leading business advocacy group for expanding access to medical cannabis and responsible adult-use of cannabis, hopes the event will help address thoughts and concerns local officials have about what legalization means for their municipalities.

“As a former Mayor and State Legislator, I completely understand the concerns some have regarding cannabis legalization and what it would mean for communities and those responsible for running those communities,” stated Scott Rudder, President, NJCBA. “We’ve been told our entire lives that cannabis is the same thing as cocaine and heroin. We now know that has never been true. Yet, false information continues to be thrown out there by special interests looking to protect their billion dollar industries. So it is not surprising that many are looking for clarification and have some questions and concerns that need to be addressed.”

In order to address some of the issues and concerns local officials may have, the NJCBA has assembled a panel of experts that will address the following topics:

-Update-to-date information on the cannabis legalization efforts
-The science behind the plant, its medical qualities and its impact on the body
-Civil justice implications to legalization and the history behind cannabis prohibition
-Local and federal law enforcement perspective
-Business operations – A conversation from one of New Jersey’s current medical cannabis operators

“Our objective is not to push a specific agenda, but rather, bring subject matter experts together from a cross-section of areas so as to address common concerns and clarify outdated information with updated scientific research and studies,” added Rudder. “We will not be asking officials to support or oppose legalization. We simply want people to have as much information as possible so they can make informed decisions.”

The panel of experts will include:
-Dr. Sanjay Gupta – President, American Pain Association
-Dr. Andrew Medvedovsky – Board Certified Neurologist, Pain Management Specialist
-Dianna Houenou – Policy Counsel for the ACLU of New Jersey
-Hector Corchado – former Newark City Councilman, retired Newark Police Sergeant, former Newark Deputy Police Director
-Jack Teitelman, Retired DEA Supervisory Special Agent, Founder & CEO TITAN Group
-George Schidlovsky – President, Compassionate Sciences Alternative Treatment Center, a New Jersey-based medical cannabis business

“Over the past 50 years, published medical literature has repeatedly confirmed that cannabis has analgesic (pain relief) properties. Sadly, the Pharmaceutical Industry has been more focused on opioids and opioid derivatives as analgesics because of financial reasons. Cannabis needs to be further studied, developed and made available as a pain relief medication. It is imperative that people have the facts when it comes to cannabis, its medical attributes, its efficacy in pain management as well as its potential role in helping to reduce the opioid epidemic. People should continue their efforts in making the case for cannabis to the government and industry,” said Dr. Gupta.

“The fear behind cannabis was never based in science,” added Dr. Medvedovsky. “I have witnessed first-hand the positive effects cannabis has on my patients. While the people coming here come from different backgrounds, they all share the same thing, a desire for healthier alternatives to many of the prescription drugs currently available.”

“There is no doubt that cannabis prohibition has disproportionately and negatively impacted communities of color since its inception,” commented Ms. Houenou. “We have the ability to end an injustice while giving impacted communities a meaningful chance to participate in this new industry.”

“Whether I was wearing my uniform as a police sergeant or my suit as a Councilman, I watched too many lives be ruined over what is safer than any other legal or illegal drug on the streets,” added Mr. Corchado.

“I’ve seen drug operations in Mexico, Columbia and I’ve seen them in New York,” said Mr. Teitelman. “One thing I know for certain, cannabis is one of the safest plants out there. The War on Cannabis has been a costly failure. We can create a responsible and regulated industry that adheres to the values we care about without the damage prohibition has caused.”

“Compassionate Sciences ATC (CSATC) has the privilege of serving the residents of New Jersey and is a committed long-term partner in the Southern New Jersey municipality of Bellmawr for the past five years,” stated Mr. Schidlovsky. “CSATC operates under a permit issued by the NJ Department of Health, is fully compliant with all regulations and serves thousands of New Jersey patients. Our commitment and partnership with our surrounding communities includes creating jobs, hiring 100’s of local service providers, paying all required taxes, donating and supporting to local charities and initiatives by numerous community based organizations. We are also spending on significant community improvements. We operate with a commitment to improving our community, improving the quality of life for all our patients and we do this with compassion and the highest level of customer service and safety. In fact, it has been confirmed by local law and state law enforcement that we have fewer instances of crime surrounding our location than other typical convenience retail stores or pharmacies.”

Scott Rudder
President, Board of Directors
New Jersey CannaBusiness Association
w- 609-257-8902
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