Statement: The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association Salutes Senator Cory Booker’s Cannabis Legalization Efforts

Cory Booker’s NJCBA Phil Murphy

TRENTON, N.J., Aug. 4, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association (NJCBA), the state’s leading business advocacy group for expanding access to medical cannabis and responsible adult-use of cannabis, fully endorses Senator Cory Booker’s cannabis legislative efforts.

“Senator Cory Booker has been a leader on cannabis-related issues for many years. His new legislation, the Marijuana Justice Act, accomplishes many of the key objectives sought by medical cannabis patients, civil justice advocates and those interested in jobs and investments in the cannabis industry,” said Scott Rudder, President of the NJCBA.

“The Marijuana Justice Act will significantly move the discussion forward on de-scheduling cannabis and ending the failed ‘War on Marijuana’ that has wasted hundreds of billions of dollars and cost countless lives,” added Rudder. “The simple fact that cannabis has been designated as a Schedule 1 drug, while crack cocaine and methamphetamines are a Schedule 2, demonstrates the non-scientific, arbitrary and politically motivated decision-making process by bureaucrats inside Washington, DC. We salute Sen. Booker’s efforts and look forward to working with him to help make them a reality.”

The New Jersey CannaBusiness Association’s mission is to promote jobs and growth in a sustainable and responsible cannabis industry. Starting with the pioneers in the medical cannabis market to the emerging players in the adult-use space, the NJCBA’s focus is to make certain that decision makers and regulators understand and respect the needs of the CannaBusiness community and that our community remain responsible corporate citizens. Scott Rudder a former Republican state legislator, mayor, veteran and current government affairs executive. In addition to his government and political leadership roles, Scott led Business Development efforts for Lockheed Martin Corporation with a focus on energy systems and radar programs.

Contact: Scott Rudder
Cell: 609-257-8902

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