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What’s hot & what’s not in world’s largest cannabis market

BOULDER, Colo., Sept. 11, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — BDS Analytics today launches the cannabis industry’s most comprehensive and granular examination of the California cannabis market, an essential tool for cannabis businesses, investors, and others interested in understanding and assessing the largest cannabis marketplace in the world.

With the addition of California to its roster of states, BDS Analytics’ exacting business intelligence now captures 75 percent of the legal cannabis market in the United States.

BDS Analytics’ powerful suite of California business intelligence, which cannabis businesses and other industries have long sought, lets cannabis stakeholders of all stripes finally answer key questions and gain insights into the state of the current market, where it is headed, and potential marketplace opportunities.

“Who are the brand leaders, and how much market share to they capture? How does pricing between brands fluctuate? What styles of concentrates are on the rise in Northern California, and what types of edibles are Southern Californians devouring? Questions like these from dispensary owners and managers, brands, growers, investors and everybody else with a stake in the industry demand answers,” said BDS Analytics founder and CEO Roy Bingham. “Until now, however, the questions had only anecdotal and inaccurate answers. But with the launch of our California data, we now offer penetrating insights into every aspect of the cannabis marketplace that matters to stakeholders.”

Among the findings, which are explored in detail in the attached white paper: Flower represents 55 percent of sales, concentrates capture 25 percent and edibles 12 percent; California consumers prefer indica more than consumers in any other state; they are wildly enthusiastic about pre-rolled joints infused with concentrates (no other state comes close); Californians have fully embraced vape pens, which capture 60 percent of the concentrates market (by comparison, vapes represent only 34 percent of the Colorado concentrates market); and retail sales and trends in California more closely align with sales within recreational channels in other states, rather than medical channels.

The California cannabis market is extraordinarily complex and dynamic. Among many other factors, Northern California and Southern California are different marketplaces, with diverging consumer preferences, retail experiences and brand leaders. Competing in this enormous and complicated market requires on-the-ground insights into consumer behavior, retail trends, brand strategies, pricing differences and much more. Until now, cannabis stakeholders lacked a reliable and comprehensive third-party tool to assess and understand the market. But now, companies seeking ideas for new products, investors hunting for opportunities, entrepreneurs eyeing the market and dispensaries seeking proper pricing strategies have the only true source of cannabis business intelligence in the world at their fingertips.

For detailed information about the California cannabis market, please see the accompanying white paper. Roy Bingham is happy to schedule interviews about the many interesting, and sometimes surprising, aspects of the California cannabis market that the data has revealed. In addition, BDS is ready to demonstrate the powerful GreenEdge dashboard to media professionals upon request.

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