Ohio Board of Pharmacy Receives 370 Dispensary Applications

Ohio Board of Pharmacy Receives 370 Dispensary Applications

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The competition to become one of Ohio’s licensed medical marijuana dispensaries is starting to heat up. On Nov. 20, 2017, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy announced that it had received 370 applications for the state’s 57 available medical marijuana dispensary licenses.

Although 60 licenses were initially available, no dispensary applications were filed in six of the state’s western counties, where a total of three licenses were available. According to Cleveland.com, those counties are Shelby, Logan, Miami, Paulding, Van Wert and Mercer county.

Because no applications were filed in those regions the board has decided not to redistribute the counties’ licenses. However, the board may decide at a later date to accept additional applications from those areas, as well as from around the state, depending on patient demand.

Because the number of dispensary applications far exceeded the board’s expectations, it is unknown when the board will announce license winners. Earlier in the month, the state Department of Commerce announced the winners of half of the state’s cultivation licenses, with the other half expected to be named by the end of November.

To view the list of dispensary applicants, click here.

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