OLCC Response to Secretary of State IT Audit: Improvements in Process, More Changes Planned, Implementation Scheduled

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PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 7, 2018 /Weed Wire/ – The Oregon Liquor Control Commission values transparency and acknowledges that many of the findings released today in the Oregon Secretary of State’s Information Technology audit of the OLCC accurately reflect the current condition of the agency’s IT portfolio, but that the overall health of the agency’s IT infrastructure remains sound.

The OLCC is already addressing the identified security issues in the audit most of which are expected to be fully completed by August 2018. Some issues concerning server replacement, a statewide business software contract extension, and establishing a Chief Information Officer position will require legislative approval during the 2018 short session.

The agency has already submitted financial proposals to correct the identified issues, and funding requests are moving forward in the Oregon Legislature’s budget approval process.

“We are constantly evaluating ways to improve our systems, and are taking prompt action to prioritize the staff time and resources necessary to move us into better compliance with audit recommendations and state protocols,” said Steve Marks, OLCC Executive Director.

The audit underscores three significant points:

  • OLCC’s IT systems, including the Cannabis Tracking System, are working as intended and the agency needs to make improvements incorporating the latest industry standard IT governance, health and security protocols.
  • The OLCC needs to modernize to a centralized IT infrastructure from a system of a handful of outdated legacy operating systems by upgrading selective equipment and software, and replacing aging systems with current industry standard enterprise systems.
  • OLCC needs expert oversight and more coordinated management of its IT portfolio by expanding the agency’s leadership team to include enterprise level IT leadership and expertise.

“Bringing in high level IT management and addressing IT security protocols will do more than just stabilize the agency’s IT infrastructure, it will enable us to better maximize the value of longer term IT modernization initiatives,” said Marks.

As outlined in its response letter, the OLCC is creating a review, decision and implementation path to address the issues highlighted in the audit.

“We appreciate the breadth and detail of the audit and will use its key findings to improve and build out an IT system that will help the OLCC now and in the future,” said Marks.

Mark Pettinger, Spokesperson
(503) 872-5115

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