Olympic Athlete Challenging US Travel Ban for Past Marijuana Use

Olympic Athlete Challenging US Travel Ban for Past Marijuana Use

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Olympic snowboarder Ross Rebagliati wants to visit the United States to promote Ross’ Gold, his Canadian cannabis brand; however, with Rebagliati having admitted past marijuana use, U.S. Border Agents have used a border policy to prevent him from entering the country.

“They turned me around with my six-month-old baby and my wife and my dog,” Rebagliati told CTV News.

While this event happened four years ago, CTV News has reported that Rebagliati has recently decided to apply for a travel waiver so he can enter the U.S.

According to immigration lawyer Len Saunders, “[Rebagliati] has an excellent chance of getting a five-year waiver, but the problem is he’ll have to renew it every five years again and again for the rest of his life, unless they change U.S. federal laws.”

In 1998, Rebagliati became the first Canadian to earn an Olympic gold medal in snowboarding; however, after testing positive for marijuana, Rebagliati was temporarily stripped of his medal by the International Olympic Committee. The IRC ultimately returned the medal to Rebagliati because THC was not on the committee’s banned substances list at the time.

Rebagliati isn’t the only Canadian fighting the U.S. travel ban. On Sept. 9, 2016, Ralph Goodale, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, announced that the country would be challenging America to change the policy that allows U.S. Border Agents to deny entry to Canadians who have admitted past marijuana use.

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