Poll: Almost Half of Cannabis Users Admit Heading into Work High

Poll: Almost Half of Cannabis Users Admit Heading into Work High

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While employers in states with legal cannabis may not want employees to show up to work high, almost half of cannabis users have admitted that they’ve gone to work high, according to new survey results.

Using the survey tool Pollfish, Instamotor, an app that allows users to buy and sell used cars, surveyed 600 cannabis users in states with legal recreational cannabis on Jan. 25, 2017. According to the survey results, 48% of cannabis users have gone to work high, with 39% doing so at least once a week and 17% at least once per month.

Even though 73% believe they do better at their jobs when high, 50% believe they’d be fired if their employers found out they came to work high.

It is unclear if the users who reported going to work high drove to work, but a previous survey by Instamotor found that 39% of cannabis users feel capable of driving within two hours of cannabis consumption.

Instamotor’s poll may be an informal and unscientific reflection of cannabis users; however, it does highlight two important topics that cannabis consumers should be familiar with: driving under the influence and workplace drug testing.

You may live in a state with legal medical or recreational cannabis, but that doesn’t mean you can drive high, whether heading to work or elsewhere, because driving under the influence of cannabis can still warrant the issuance of a drug-related DUI.

To avoid any confusion on the issue, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on Sept. 12, 2017, to prohibit smoking or consuming cannabis in a vehicle.

If you use other means of transportation to get to work, don’t think you’re in the clear to go to work high. You may live in a state with legal cannabis, but that doesn’t mean your employer permits cannabis use. If employed or seeking employment, find out the company’s drug testing policy.

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