Poll Says Two-Thirds of Utah Residents Want to Legalize Medical Pot


A new poll shows 66 percent of Utah residents want to legalize medical marijuana, according to an April 27, 2016, article in the Deseret News.

The survey of voters, conducted by Utah Policy, revealed 90 percent of the state’s Democrats, 55 percent of its Republicans, and 76 percent of its independents want to allow medical marijuana.

The poll also showed 55 percent of people “very active” in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints support legal cannabis use for medical reasons, along with 77 percent of Utah’s Catholics and 86 percent of those with no religious affiliation.

“Utahns want somewhat of a compromise,” said Turner Bitton, President of the Drug Policy Project of Utah. “They want a tightly regulated program that can’t be accessed by children and teenagers, and they don’t want it to lead to widespread legalization.”

Younger voters were less likely to endorse medical marijuana, according to the poll. Fifty-nine percent of those in the 18-24 year old bracket favored medical marijuana, compared to 67 percent among those 45-54, and 69 percent of those 65 and older.

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