Report: Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis Program Benefitting Patients

Report: Minnesota's Medical Cannabis Program Benefitting Patients

On June 6, 2016, the Minnesota Department of Health issued a report on survey results collected from patients in the state’s medical cannabis program, revealing that a majority of patients have benefited substantially from using legal medical cannabis.

MDH polled 435 patients, with 241 responding, all of whom started participating in the program during its first three months of existence, July 1-Sept. 30, 2015. Of the 238 completed patient surveys, 88% reported moderate to significant benefits from using medical cannabis.

Of Minnesota’s top three qualifying conditions for medical cannabis treatment—cancer, muscle spasms and seizures—the survey results showed that patients with cancer seemed to achieve the greatest benefit from using medical cannabis.

According to MDH, “Results shared here should be considered an early look; reports later in 2016 and early in 2017 will include both larger numbers of patients and broader sources of data, including patient reported changes in specific symptom severity scores over time.”

“These survey data are based on a small sample of patients and should not be confused with a clinical trial,” said Dr. Ed Ehlinger, Minnesota Health Commissioner, in a press release. “However, these results do highlight Minnesota’s data-focused approach to medical cannabis and the fact that patients are benefiting from the program.”

From June 1-July 31, MDH is fielding requests to add new delivery methods and qualifying medical conditions to the state’s program. Petitions for these requests can be accessed on MDH’s website.

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