World’s Most Technologically Advanced Cannabis Cultivation Facility And Laboratory Begins Operating In Delavan, Illinois

Revolution Enterprises

DELAVAN, Ill., July 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Cultivation operations have begun at Revolution Cannabis –Delavan, an enormous, state of the art facility designed to lead the world in production, research and development of medicines derived from cannabis. The historic first crop of cannabis plants is now healthy and strong, having been under lights for several days already.  The first crop contains a large number of genetic strains– each specially chosen for its unique cannabinoid profile and prospective value treating specific debilitating medical conditions.

Revolution Cannabis- Delavan uses advanced equipment and technology to produce pure, natural medicines that have consistent, precisely known cannabinoid content. The massive 75,525 sq. ft. facility features an intelligent, compartmentalized design in which cultivation chambers are sealed off, sanitized, and self-contained in order to create highly controlled environments which foster clean, healthy cannabis plants and large production yields. The health and development of each individual plant is constantly monitored using precision tracking and technology systems.

“When we first imagined Revolution Cannabis- Delavan, we decided we wanted to produce cannabis and derived medicines that far exceed anything that has ever been done before,” said Tim McGraw, CEO of Revolution Enterprises, which built the facility. “So we built a dream facility and laboratory whose every design element is devoted to advancing the present state of cannabinoid science. We want to save and improve lives.”

Revolution Cannabis- Delavan possesses hundreds of genetic strains and will release approximately a dozen in its first harvest. Many of the strains are known to have large amounts of cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid which has become an increasingly sought after treatment for conditions such as cancer, seizures, and severe muscle spasms. To demonstrate the great lengths taken to ensure purity and quality of medicines at Revolution Cannabis- Delavan, every individual cannabis plant has been hand-selected by an expert cultivator in order to verify the plant’s health and genetic traits. Some of the first plants may become ready for harvest and processing operations as early as October, 2015.

Beyond sophisticated cultivation operations, Revolution Cannabis- Delavan is further distinguished for its innovative approach to producing concentrates, extracts, edibles, topicals, sublinguals, and other medicines derived from cannabis. The facility is equipped with extraction and infusion machinery and an advanced analytic laboratory. The processing team is anchored by a veteran staff of experts in the fields of analytical chemistry, process chemistry, safety engineering, plant genetics, agronomy, microbiology. The oversight structure and operating procedures for processing operations have been carefully modeled after the best standards and practices of pharmaceutical and food production industries.

“Every product is tested by an independent laboratory to verify purity, strength, and quality. After testing, medicines are packaged into child-proof containers with labels that clearly state every ingredient, including cannabinoid profile,” said Bradley Vallerius, spokesperson for the company. “If it’s made at Revolution Cannabis- Delavan, you know it’s a high quality medicine that was developed with great professionalism and care,” said Vallerius.

About Revolution Enterprises

Revolution Enterprises is a management services company driven to become the largest, most professional producer of cannabinoid medicines in the world. The company manages cultivation, processing, dispensing, and ancillary products and services in US and international states where medical cannabis is licensed and regulated. The company manages two twin cultivation and processing facilities in Central Illinois, each measuring 75,525 sq. ft. in area and named after the town in which they are located (Revolution Cannabis- Delavan located inDelavan, Illinois and Revolution Cannabis- Barry located in Barry, Illinois). With a combined 151,050 sq. ft. of production space, Revolution Enterprises’ is the largest producer of medical cannabis in Illinois. The company’s national expansion plans entail managing facilities and license applications as additional states inevitably accept medicines derived from cannabis as a natural, alternative treatment for debilitating medical conditions.

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