Run for Cannabis at the 2nd Annual 420 Games

Run for Cannabis at the 2nd Annual 420 Games

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On April 1, 2017, the 2nd annual 420 Games is being held at California’s Santa Monica Pier. The event stands in it’s own lane in terms of marijuana-themed occasions. The games will include a 4.2-mile run, a pre- and post-run yoga workout, and speeches from former NFL players. The event in Santa Monica kicks off the 420 Games’ 2017 Tour, which will also head to Colorado and Oregon.

An advocacy fun run, the event was created to highlight that people can be cannabis users and still maintain healthy lifestyles. Jim McAlpine, the event’s creator, wants to change the stigma behind people who engage in the use of cannabis.

“We know of thousands of athletes and responsible people that use cannabis. From average Joes to professional ranks of all sports, many athletes use cannabis as a successful part of their athletic and fit lifestyle,” McAlpine said.

The 4.2-mile run is the event’s main focus, but it will also include skateboarders and BMX riders from the X Games, a Power Plant Fitness challenge that ends with awards being handed out to the most fit male and female participants, and samples from cannabis vendors for those 21 and up.

The 420 Games is unlike other cannabis themed events in regards to consumption, as those who partake in the games are asked not to smoke on the event’s premises.

One of the event’s previous tours, taking place from September through October of 2016, gained the attention of mainstream media outlets like TIME, Newsweek and Elite Daily.

“People are eager to come away from an era of prohibition and misinformation into an enlightened time. It’s an awesome thing to see mainstream media writing about us in such a positive light, another sign that the times are changing for the better,” McAlpine said.

This year’s kickoff event is expected to garner thousands of attendees who view the 420 Games as an opportunity to promote and showcase healthy lifestyles among cannabis users. “We want people to think of Michael Phelps or yoga classes when they think of marijuana, not Jeff Spicoli or the High Times Cup,” McAlpine added.

Amanda Taylor was the editorial assistant for Marijuana Industry News from September 2016 through February 2018. She earned a BA in English and an MA in Writing from Coastal Carolina University.

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