Sage Analytics Offers Financing on New Cannabis Potency Testing Systems

Sage Analytics Financing and El Camino Ave Dispensary

Special financing plan makes it incredibly easy to own these advanced marijuana potency testing systems – portable units that require no chemical additives, provide immediate results, and can be used by virtually anyone within minutes of opening the box


BOULDER, Colo., Sept. 28, 2015 /Weed Wire/ — Sage Analytics (, the developers of a new generation of portable, laboratory-quality cannabis potency measurement systems, announced today that the company has special financing in place on the new Luminary™ Beacon and Luminary™ Profiler.

The Profiler, made for very harsh environments, and its tablet sized younger brother – The Beacon, ideal for retail settings, are highly advanced marijuana potency measurement systems, and incorporate FDA-approved technology currently in use in the pharmaceutical industry – where accuracy, reliability and consistency are paramount.

These small, highly accurate devices can be used anywhere in the cannabis lifecycle, from grow operations, to production of edibles and infused products, to dispensing. The devices are also desired for use in testing labs to help increase their accuracy and throughput, as well as by regulatory and law enforcement agencies.

Sage Analytics is offering this special program through one of the nation’s premier financing companies, to make it possible for virtually every dispensary, lab, producer, and grower to have reliable, highly accurate, immediate and affordable potency measurements.

“Now, anyone that needs instantaneous and accurate cannabis potency results can put a system in their hands,” said Dr. Chad Lieber, chief scientist and co-founder of Sage Analytics. “Our financing program makes it very easy to own a Luminary™ Beacon or Profiler.”

The systems ship as turn-key units, and come with an attachable label generator that will print each tested sample’s percentages of key constituents, such as THC, CBD, and their respective acids.  No special skills or harsh chemicals are needed to operate the units, and anyone can learn to test cannabis within a few minutes.

“Now that fast and affordable cannabis testing is available almost anywhere, consumers will start to demand that their marijuana be verified prior to purchase,” Lieber commented. “We have seen that Dispensaries with a Luminary™ see a dramatic increase in business as patients and patrons show a preference for tested and/or verified products.”

For more information on the nation’s premier cannabis testing devices, visit:, and for details on the financing program, call: 720-282-4550.

About Sage Analytics:

Sage Analytics develops laboratory-grade, marijuana potency measurement tools that enhance the current state of potency profiling of THC, CBD and CBN content by adding accuracy, portability, convenience and test affordability to a greater reach of the industry’s participants.

Sage products incorporate optical spectroscopy, a highly accurate and mature technology for chemical and property measurement, in use by most of the top pharmaceutical companies for their precision measurement needs.

The mission at Sage Analytics is to bring a higher level of testing accuracy and affordability to the cannabis industry, increase public awareness about the availability of instant marijuana testing, and improve consumer confidence in the potency measurements of the products they purchase.

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