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Surface Technology

LANCASTER, Penn., Dec. 11, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — As more firms across the US and Canada undertake growing cannabis in the new legalized environment, there is an increasing need for safe, marijuana-friendly industrial flooring systems. Surface Technology has emerged as the leader in planning and installing high-performance flooring and wall systems specifically designed to meet the needs of cannabis growing and processing facilities. This work is the perfect complement to the decades of industrial flooring success Surface Technology has enjoyed serving the pharmaceutical industry.

“The increased project activity for cannabis growing facilities across North America has been very exciting for our firm. We are very pleased to maintain our leadership position as the ‘go-to’ firm with cannabis related projects,” said Surface Technology President Michael Greenblatt.

Marijuana growing and processing facilities offer unique design and performance challenges that require great skill to successfully complete. In addition to new construction, many cannabis related projects involve repurposing existing vacant facilities for cannabis cultivation and processing. When working with an existing facility, it is imperative that the existing conditions of the floor and wall are carefully investigated.

For existing buildings, Surface Technology completes a comprehensive site evaluation process to identify and locate conditions that must be corrected during the design process. The team then formulates cost-effective, customized solutions that are tailored to that specific project and structure.

“Surface Technology pays special attention to the surface preparation of existing floors to ensure a successful installation that will yield a flooring solution that will last,” Greenblatt said. “The design team is where a superior floor and wall solution begins. Over the years we have proven that a long lasting and high-performance floor requires great knowledge, insight and creativity from our design team before our installation team arrives onsite.”

In every cannabis-related project that Surface Technology undertakes, their professional team works closely with the project owners, architects, engineers, botanists, and grow room managers to provide informed guidance as to the specific flooring characteristics that are most beneficial for marijuana growing and processing operations.

Surface Technology understands the competing performance demands of every project. “We design floor and wall solutions for cannabis growers that optimize the growth and health of the marijuana plants, but there are other important considerations as well. Floors and walls must be both easy to clean and slip-resistant, providing a safe environment for growing, maintaining and harvesting cannabis,” Greenblatt said.

In most cannabis facilities, Surface Technology uses seamless polymer floor and wall systems that are designed to be durable and easy to clean. The seamless, moisture resistant aspects of the flooring system, coupled with the ability to effectively and safely clean the environment, help to protect the valuable crop from dangers like bacteria, fungi and insects. Surface Technology highly recommends the integration of anti-slip texture media to provide slip resistance to ensure that staff remains safe while on the grow room floor.

Surface Technology provides marijuana growing facilities with custom tailored flooring and wall solutions in a wide variety of colors and textures to fit any production requirement. The Surface Technology team works with marijuana cultivation clients to ensure that the flooring and wall solutions for the facility help to optimize marijuana growth potential and ensure the safe, efficient processing of the cannabis harvest.

Custom designed floor and wall solutions for growing cannabis provide many benefits, including:
Highly reflective surfaces that maximize growth by increasing light available to plants
Easy cleaning and maintenance
Antimicrobial protection to ensure the health of plants and employees
Improved floor durability and lifespan
Thermal and chemical shock resistance
USDA and FDA compliance

About Surface Technology
Surface Technology Inc., based in Lancaster, PA, is a respected industrial floor systems contractor serving industrial customers across the continental USA. Since 1988, Surface Technology, Inc. has built its reputation as the leading contractor in the industry by installing high performance custom flooring, coating and lining solutions in an enormous number and variety of industrial facilities. For the past 30 years, they have been the contractor of choice in challenging project situations, and have a proven record of expert floor system design, surface preparation and application. Beginning in 2014, Surface Technology has been operating one of its divisions exclusively in support of cannabis growing facilities. Because of their broad experience, Surface Technology’s executive, technical and project teams have developed specialized knowledge of ideal performance characteristics and best practices in cannabis grow room flooring that is unmatched by other flooring contractors.

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