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Eaze Delivery Platform Data Reveals Trends in California Marijuana Consumption

Eaze Data Reveals Trends in California Marijuana Consumption

Eaze Data Reveals Trends in California Marijuana Consumption

In 2016, Californians ordered marijuana on the Eaze platform once every 30 seconds, according to the “Eaze Insights: 2016 State of Cannabis Data Report.” That doubled 2015’s rate of an order once every minute. Eaze, an online platform for marijuana deliveries, drew its report from 250,000 platform users and a supplemental survey of 5,000 state residents.

North Americans Spent $53.3 Billion on Marijuana in 2016

North Americans Spent $53.3 Billion on Marijuana in 2016

North Americans spent $53.3 billion on legal, illegal, and medical marijuana in 2016, according to a Jan. 17, 2017, release from Arcview Research Group. That’s more than people in the United States spent on McDonald’s and Starbucks combined.


Nebraska Public Defender Advocates Decriminalization of Pot

Although Nebraska’s pro-decriminalization forces decided not to pursue a 2016 ballot initiative, Lancaster County’s public defender has publicly endorsed decriminalizing and regulating marijuana, according to an article in the Lincoln Journal Star. Joe Nigro stated his views in a Sept. 15, 2016, forum with Nebraska’s chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

MI Legalize

Michigan Group Argues For Ballot Question on Pot Legalization

MI Legalize is arguing a question about pot legalization should appear on Michigan’s November ballot, despite the state’s claim that some of the group’s petition signatures are out of date, according to an Aug. 7, 2016, article at Michigan Radio. State law requires signatures on petitions for ballot questions to be no older than 180 days, but some on this petition are.


Tax Revenues From Oregon Pot Sales Could Exceed Forecasts by $40 Million

Marijuana sales in Oregon were expected to bring between $2 million and $3 million in tax revenues this year, but the state’s take hit $10.5 million in the first quarter. Having exceeded the year’s expectations during the first three months of the year, Oregon’s tax revenues from pot sales are now forecast to reach $43 million in 2016.


Most Likely to Succeed in 2016

Marijuana activists and political junkies can barely wait for 2016 to begin, and the list-making has been in full flower for months. But full adult-use legalization may depend as much on the nuts and bolts of petition deadlines or legislative calendars as it does on history, social attitudes and the state of medical marijuana regulation.

Ron White

Comedian Ron White Launches Pro-Pot Presidential Campaign

Comedian Ron White, best known for being the one guy from the Blue Collar Comedy tour that people who don’t like the Blue Collar Comedy Tour will admit they like, has filed the necessary paperwork to enter the current presidential race as an independent, and widespread legalization of marijuana is one of his chief concerns.


Democrats on Marijuana Policy

On Oct. 13, 2015, political junkies who just cannot get enough of pre-pre-pre-2016 maneuvering will have the chance to see and hear from the likely Democratic candidates for the nomination. With any luck and some social media pressure, there might even be a question about marijuana legalization.


Marijuana Momentum Moves to The Mid-Atlantic

California once looked like the center of marijuana reform, but Hunter Holliman, Regional Project Lead of 4Front Ventures, says, “The Mid-Atlantic region is driving cannabis policy in the U.S. right now.”


2016 RNC Bid: Is Legal Marijuana Denver’s Elephant in the Room?

There’s no escaping Colorado’s status as the poster child for legal recreational marijuana when visitors come to town, even — or especially — when Denver is trying to sell itself as the perfect site for a national political convention.