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Heavy marijuana use may be bad for your bones

Heavy Marijuana Use May be Bad for Your Bones

Heavy Marijuana Use May be Bad for Your Bones

Researchers also found that the people in the study who used marijuana regularly tended to have thinner bones than the people who did not use pot.

Bone Fracture

Cannabidiol and Bone Fracture Healing: Promising Data Published on Medical Marijuana

Scientists in Israel continue to establish their work as the leading source of data on medical cannabis. In a combined study conducted primarily by researchers from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University, Cannabidiol (CBD) was found to enhance fracture healing.


Study: Medical Marijuana May Help Heal Broken Bones

When people say “medical marijuana,” they often think of cancer patients, people suffering from PTSD, or persons struggling with chronic pain. There is a huge laundry list of ailments that medical marijuana can purportedly treat, and the newest addition to that list is broken bones.