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California fails

California Fails to Control Medical Cannabis

California Fails to Control Medical Cannabis

California is a curious case when it comes to cannabis. In 1996, California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana; and quickly thereafter it became the cannabis capital of the United States. Fast forward to 2014 and now California seems to be moving in the opposite direction.


Bureau of Reclamation Debates Pot’s Water

Breaking news potentially affecting marijuana investors is that bureau officials are “evaluating how the controlled substances act applies in the context of reclamation project water being used to facilitate marijuana-related activities,” according to Peter Soeth, a spokesman for the bureau.


FBI May Go Softer on Pot

Current FBI Policy holds that the Bureau stands for a drug free society and workplace. This means that anybody who has smoked pot in the past three years (or used any other illegal drug including anabolic steroids in the past ten) does not even make it to an interview. Self-acknowledged pot smokers like Steve Jobs, Carl Sagan or Francis Crick may not have been interested in working for the FBI; however, the FBI may well have wanted such employees had they realized the benefits.