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Medical Marijuana Successfully Treats Some Pets

Medical marijuana is helping some pets with serious illnesses, leading more businesses to provide cannabis-based products for sick animals. The Guardian told the story of a Swiss mountain dog with grand mal seizures whose owners treated with a cannabis-derived product from Treatibles. The seizures decreased and eventually disappeared.


World Hemp Oil Launches Legal CBD Oil

In the United States, there is a growing trend of state legislatures that are legalizing limited versions of medical marijuana. These states, such as Florida, legalized a non-psychoactive strand of marijuana that only contains the chemical CBD.


Pot For Pets: Not Just a Pet Lover’s Venture

Some people love their pets so much that they pamper their pets with pet spas or luxury pet hotels. They’ll take them to pet therapists to work on their attachment issues, and dress them in couture fashion. There is a pet equivalent for almost every human product you can imagine, and now there’s even an emerging market of medical marijuana for pets.