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Could Spanish-Style Cannabis Clubs Drive Tourism Dollars?

Could Spanish-Style Cannabis Clubs Drive Tourism Dollars?

Cannabis tourism without cannabis clubs might strike some as the quintessential definition of a lost business opportunity.

Private Consumption

DC Council Revisits Marijuana Use in Private Businesses

On Dec. 10, 2015, the Council of the District of Columbia Committee on the Judiciary held a public hearing to discuss the Marijuana Decriminalization Clarification Emergency Amendment Act of 2015, a temporary law that bans marijuana consumption in private clubs.

Reform CA

Reform CA Files Recreational Initiative

Reform CA recently filed initiative language with the California Attorney General that, with enough support, would put recreational marijuana on the 2016 ballot. The proposed initiative will likely be only one of several alternatives, a scenario causing concern that the fragmentation of support might cause reform to fail again.

Control Board

Alaska Marijuana Board Hears Competing Interests on Local Control

In Alaska, the rule making process for marijuana is slowly moving forward as the state Marijuana Control Board moves towards the final stretch of the second regulatory round.


The Challenge of Public Consumption

The issue of public consumption seems the farthest from resolution at the moment. It is most serious for tourists and people who live in rental housing with restrictive lease conditions. The gap in the law leaves many with nowhere to go to safely consume products that are legal.

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