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Marijuana Use May Not Aid Patients in Opioid Addiction Treatment

SPOKANE, Wash., Nov. 30, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Many patients who are being treated for opioid addiction in a medication-assisted treatment clinic use marijuana to help manage their pain and mood symptoms. But new research led by Marian Wilson, Ph.D., of the Washington State University College of Nursing found that frequent marijuana use seems to strengthen the relationship between pain and depression and anxiety, not ease it.

Review: MMJ Holds Potential in Treating Mental Health

Review: MMJ Holds Potential in Treating Mental Health

A common critique of marijuana use is that the substance is a “gateway drug,” leading users toward a path of hard drug abuse and mental health issues; however, a new clinical review has challenged that assumption.

Qualifying Conditions

Illinois to Consider Adding Conditions to Medical Cannabis Program

On Monday, May 2, 2016, the Illinois Medical Cannabis Advisory Board will meet to discuss the possibility of approving additional conditions for the state’s list of conditions that can qualify a patient to use medical cannabis.

Mental Illness

Study: No Link Between Teen Marijuana Use and Mental Illness

When it comes to the marijuana debate, no group is invoked more often than the teenagers of America. According to some politicians, if marijuana is legalized, our teenagers will all become drop out dopers with a slew of physical and mental illnesses.