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World of Cannabis Interview: CannaMergers' Kevin Sutherland

World of Cannabis Interview: CannaMergers’ Kevin Sutherland

World of Cannabis Interview: CannaMergers’ Kevin Sutherland

In this World of Cannabis Interview, watch Caroline Cahill, Managing Editor of MJINews.com and Marijuana Industry News magazine, interview Kevin Sutherland, CEO of Canna Mergers.

Canopy Growth Corp. Has Entered a New Realm

Canopy Growth Corp. Has Entered a New Realm

There are a number of big institutions, including mutual funds, pension funds, and investment banks, that use the TSX Composite and its sub-indices as performance benchmarks for their portfolios. The addition of Canopy to the index will introduce some new dimensions to the index’s performance.

World of Cannabis: Acquisitions and Mergers

Buying, selling or investing in any business requires proper due diligence. In the cannabis industry – you need to take extra steps. Hear Kevin Sutherland, CEO of Canna Mergers, and Paul Shively, a compliance expert, discuss the diligence you need to perform as you invest in the legal cannabis industry.


Tough Questions Marijuana Investors Should Ask

Ever since the SEC cracked down on marijuana-related investments in 2014, potential investors have been painfully aware of the need to conduct adequate due diligence on the early-stage companies that come courting.

Investor Protection in US and Canada

Investor Protection Moves in the US and Canada

It has been a noteworthy past few days in the realm of investors’ rights. Two different stories that may seem completely unrelated are sewn with some of the same thread, especially for investors that are actively looking at the cannabis space.


ArcView Offers Investment Nuggets at CCC

On Saturday, June 7, 2014, The ArcView Group gave a two-hour presentation on cannabis business at the Chicago Cannabis Conference. It was an opportunity for attendees to get a medical marijuana education in law, investment and startups. In the first hour, Troy Dayton, CEO of The ArcView Group, gave a detailed presentation on the cannabis industry.