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No Crackdown on Pot Gifting Businesses in Boston Area

No Crackdown on Pot ‘Gifting’ Businesses in Boston Area

No Crackdown on Pot ‘Gifting’ Businesses in Boston Area

Massachusetts’ legalization of recreational marijuana has created a cottage industry of companies selling the drug under the guise of giving it away for free, or pot “gifting.”

How to Organize A Pro-Cannabis Demonstration With Over 4,200 Free Joints

How to Organize a Pro-Cannabis Demonstration With Over 4,200 Free Joints

Complex News’ Nadeska Alexis and Speedy Morman visit the DCMJ headquarters in Washington D.C., ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration to find out how organizers put together their Trump 420 demonstration and rolled over 4,200 joints, which were handed out for free and smoking Trump’s inaugural speech.

Green Flower

Green Flower Introducing the first VIRTUAL Cannabis Health Summit

OAK VIEW, Calif., Dec. 3, 2015 /Weed Wire/ — On January 23-24, Green Flower will bring together 20+ of the world’s top experts, scientists, physicians, and researchers who have devoted their lives to helping people use cannabis as medicine.

Investment Intelligence

Empower Your Cannabis Investment Intelligence

In an age defined by filter failure, not information overload, independent analysts can act as the filters individual investors need to eliminate the extraneous and focus on the essential—the health of capital market intelligence depends upon them.

Actionable Intelligence

Step Inside MJIC Media’s Actionable Investment Intelligence

MJIC Media sees value in knowing who makes up the industry’s current and prospective investors. In an effort to determine this, paired with MJIC Media’s commitment to serving investors in this emerging industry, it is now offering a free company research report.