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Medical marijuana tax revenue comes in lower than expected

NY Medical Marijuana Tax Revenue Comes in Lower Than Expected

NY Medical Marijuana Tax Revenue Comes in Lower Than Expected

The low projection in tax revenue signals an administration belief that little will change in the coming months even as the state Department of Health works to expand access for patients, which should, in theory, bring in new revenue.

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New York’s MMJ Regulations Severely Limited

When it was signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in July 2014, New York’s Compassionate Care Act became one of the most restrictive medical marijuana laws in the country. Regulations proposed in December and expected to be final by this spring appear to limit patient access even further.

New York Passes MMJ Bill

New York Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

On Monday, July 7, 2014, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y., signed the Compassionate Care Act, making New York the 23rd state in the union with medical marijuana laws. The bill is aimed at helping individuals with debilitating conditions, and is narrower than some states like California, but broader than other states like Georgia.

New York State of Marijuana

New York and the State of Marijuana

The Big Apple’s take on marijuana as medicine remains ambivalent, despite Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s tentative approach towards clinical trials. He is also playing cute when it comes to sourcing test material. This makes it difficult to find an answer to the question on New Yorkers’ tongues.