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The Average Marijuana Stock Is Up 332% Over the Past Year

The Average Marijuana Stock Is Up 332% Over the Past Year

Over the trailing-12-month period through July 15, the average marijuana stock with a market cap in excess of $200 million — a dozen stocks in total, which excluded MedReleaf because it just went public a month ago — was up by 332%.

Better Know a Marijuana Stock: Canopy Growth Corp.

Better Know a Marijuana Stock: Canopy Growth Corp.

A major Canadian medical marijuana player, Canopy Growth is a producer and retailer of medical cannabis products and oils in our neighbor to the north. It’s also the only other marijuana stock other than GW Pharmaceuticals to bear a $1 billion valuation.

An Opportunity for Excess Profits in the Marijuana Industry

An Opportunity for Excess Profits in the Canadian Marijuana Industry

There is an opportunity for excess profits in the Canadian marijuana industry as the market is now in a position to expand at a very high rate, as Canadians have received confirmation that the potential legalization will become a reality.

Could Aphria Inc. or Aurora Cannabis Inc. Dethrone Canopy Growth Corp

Could Aphria Inc. or Aurora Cannabis Inc. Dethrone Canopy Growth Corp.?

Aphria Inc. has been soaring since its graduation to the TSX last month. The company now has a $1.1 billion market cap and could pass Canopy Growth Corp. with its $1.74 billion market cap over the next few months. There’s no question Canopy stock has slowed down when compared to its peers like Aphria and Aurora Cannabis Inc

Colorado Marijuana Sales Surged to $122 Million in July

Colorado Marijuana Sales Surged to $122 Million in July

In the state of Colorado, retail marijuana sales have reached an all time high. According to The Denver Post, the legal marijuana industry brought in more than $122 million in revenue for the month of July, representing a 27 percent increase from the previous year.

CannaBit Projections and Female Decline

Weekly CannaBit: Explosive Growth of Adult Use and Medical Marijuana Markets

Weekly CannaBit for the week of March 21, 2016: With all of the 2015 year-end data, and a strong opening to 2016, New Frontier has revised the medical and adult use market projections to reflect the market’s continued explosive growth.


Adult Use Marijuana Sales Up 232 Percent in the United States

On March 22, 2016, ArcView Market Research, in partnership with New Frontier, announced that it had released the 4th edition of the State of Legal Marijuana Markets, an in-depth report on market data for states with legal marijuana.

Women Grow DC

Giadha Aguirre DeCarcer Speaks to Women Grow DC

On Dec. 4, 2015, Giadha Aguirre DeCarcer, Founder and CEO of New Frontier, spoke to the Women Grow DC meeting. The message in a nutshell was that now is the time and cannabis is the place for entrepreneurship. She described her own story as an example of the unique opportunities afforded to women and men in a new industry

MassRoots Users Funding Round and Crosses Half a Million Users and NASDAQ

MassRoots to Release New Web Interface November 30th, Opening Content to Search Engines for First Time

DENVER, Nov. 20, 2015 /Weed Wire/ — MassRoots, Inc. one of the largest and fastest growing social networks for cannabis consumers, is pleased to announce it will be releasing its new web interface on November 30, 2015, opening the public content on the MassRoots network to search engines for the first time.


Illinois Finally Open For Medical Cannabis Business

Two years after former Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, the state’s Department of Agriculture, responding to a request from the Associated Press, finally released its list of the seven companies that are allowed to grow medicinal cannabis.

MJ Freeway Integration Webinars and List and Promising Women

MJ Freeway Named to Inc’s Top 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America and Cited as Top Women Leaders in the Business of Cannabis

DENVER, Aug. 18, 2015 /Weed Wire/ — Since 2010 MJ Freeway’s founders Amy Poinsett and Jessica Billingsley have created the leading software POS solutions company to run successful and compliant cannabis businesses in the nation.

Market Size

New Report: Marijuana Revenue by State is Between $50-$60 Billion

Marijuana Investor News estimates total related product sales to be between $50 and $60 billion in the United States. In a new report released on September 26, 2014, MJIN estimates the current market size for U.S. marijuana revenue by state.