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Chairman Joe Moody Hosts Public Hearing on Reducing Penalties for Small Amounts of Marijuana

Chairman Joe Moody Hosts Public Hearing on Reducing Penalties for Small Amounts of Marijuana

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 09, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee Chairman Joe Moody held a public hearing to discuss reducing state marijuana possession penalties on Wednesday and to support HB 334, which was introduced by Chairman Moody in the special legislative session in July.

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Proposal to Fix Texas Medical Marijuana Program Advances With Committee Approval in House of Representatives

AUSTIN, Texas, May 8, 2017 /Weed Wire/ – The Texas House of Representatives Committee on Public Health approved a bill Friday afternoon (7-2) that would fix the state’s currently unworkable medical marijuana program and make the unnecessarily restrictive law more inclusive.

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Proposal to Reduce Marijuana Penalties Advances in Texas House of Representatives

HOUSTON, Texas, April 3, 2017 /Weed Wire/ – A proposal to reduce penalties for marijuana possession in Texas received bipartisan approval from the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee on Monday and will soon be scheduled for a full vote in the House.

Texas Misses Out on Millions Due to Delays in Implementing Medical Marijuana Act

Texas Misses Out on Millions Due to Delayed Start of Medical Marijuana Act

Delays in implementing Texas’s medical marijuana law could be keeping the state from millions in tax revenues, according to Forbes. The Texas Compassionate Use Act became law on June 1, 2015, but it required doctors to write prescriptions for medical marijuana. Two problems stem from that requirement.


Getting Riled up in Texas: Legalization Advocates Target State Races

Texas is considered another “jewel” in the legalization crown for several reasons. Not only is marijuana possession for any reason still criminalized, but the state is directly in the path of cartel traffic via Mexico.