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Reverend Al Sharpton Advocates for Civil Rights and Marijuana Legalization

Reverend Al Sharpton Advocates for Civil Rights and Marijuana Legalization

Reverend Al Sharpton Advocates for Civil Rights and Marijuana Legalization

Reverend Al Sharpton is an American civil rights activist, minister, former White House advisor, and talk show host. Now, Sharpton is also speaking up and fighting for marijuana legalization and decriminalization.

History of Marijuana in Minnesota

History of Marijuana in Minnesota

Minnesota is the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, so it isn’t particularly known for its marijuana, but the plant has a history with the state dating back when hemp production was common. Hemp became a cash crop in the state but by 1957, the federal government banned hemp production completely. Many marijuana supporters are fighting to make the law more inclusive and hopefully, to legalize recreational marijuana in Minnesota.

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Senate Votes to Confirm Jeff Sessions for U.S. Attorney General

WASHINGTON, Feb. 9. 2017 /Weed Wire/ — Tonight the U.S. Senate voted 52 to 47 to confirm Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Most Republicans voted for him; most Democrats voted against him. The vote comes after two months of organized opposition as hundreds of organizations expressed concerns about Sessions’s record and racially-charged statements he has made in the past.


D.A.R.E Briefly Relevant Due to Mistaken Advocacy of Marijuana Legalization

The Drug Abuse Resistance Education program was briefly relevant to the actual concerns of 21st century life Saturday afternoon when it mistakenly posted an op-ed by former Ohio Deputy Sheriff Carlis McDerment to its homepage urging the widespread legalization of marijuana.


Marijuana Arrests and Social Progress

Since recreational marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado, many states have begun to ease marijuana laws and punishments. Overall, it seems that arrest rates are down for the now legal drug, with Colorado reporting decreased crime rates, traffic fatalities and an increase in jobs.

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Vanity Fair Article on Baby Boomer Penchant for Pot Treats Legality as Nonissue

A recent Vanity Fair article by Bill Bradley explores where baby boomer’s longing to relive their prime Summer of Love years but trapped inside states yet to legalize cannabis are scoring their product, and highlights how marijuana usage is quickly becoming a kind of mundane nonissue for many Americans.


Cannabis Legalization Brings Out Big Names and Money in Opposition

As with every pending change in the American legislative world, any shifts to the status quo will bring out those who are for and against an issue, including the lobbying dollars of high-profile companies and individuals.