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Study: Washington Youth Cannabis Use Hasn't Increased

Study: Washington Youth Cannabis Use Hasn’t Increased

Study: Washington Youth Cannabis Use Hasn’t Increased

Washington has one more statistic to support the legalization of recreational cannabis in the Evergreen State: Washington youth cannabis use hasn’t increased since the enactment of Initiative 502, the measure that legalized recreational cannabis in the state.

Collective Gardens Ending

The Beginning of the End for Washington’s Collective Gardens

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Washington, there are essentially three ways to obtain cannabis—from a recreational shop, from the black market or from medical collectives, also referred to as dispensaries.


Washington One Year Later: A Report

Earlier this month, the Drug Policy Alliance released its report, “Marijuana Legalization in Washington After 1 Year of Retail Sales and 2.5 Years of Legal Possession.” It is essentially a story of what did not happen to crime rates and usage among youth. But industry watchers know a lot has happened in Washington State over the last year.


Wenatchee Blinked

Court watchers sat on the edge of their seats this week, watching the conflict between federal and state marijuana law play out in the city council meetings of a tiny rural Washington State town. The local ordinance, drafted specifically to ban pot businesses, incorporated federal law by reference.