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House Revisiting MMJ

Ohio House to Revisit Medical Marijuana

On Nov. 3, 2015, Ohio voters went to the polls and soundly rejected Issue 3, a measure that would have legalized both recreational and medicinal marijuana; however, even though marijuana was defeated at the polls, that does not mean the end of marijuana in Ohio.


Ohio Legalization Faces Complicated Future

On Nov. 3, 2015, Ohio voters will have the opportunity to amend the Ohio Constitution to legalize medical and adult recreational use of marijuana in the state. But even if Issue 3 passes, the future of legal marijuana is far from certain in Ohio.

New Frontier Financials and Equio Offer

New Frontier Predicts A Complex Road Ahead For Legal Marijuana in Ohio

WASHINGTON, Oct. 20, 2015 / Weed Wire / — New Frontier, the leading Big Data provider in the cannabis industry, forecasts that Ohio’s legal marijuana retail sales if approved on the ballot this November under Issue 3, will be significantly lower than ResponsibleOhio’s forecast.

Hempfest numbers

Attendance Low for Ohio’s Hempfest and Issue 3 Faces an Uphill Battle

Legalization of marijuana is a highly contested subject in Ohio, as the current proposed amendment, Issue 3, has both supporters and opponents. This did not stop Columbus, Ohio, from hosting Hempfest on the Ohio State University campus.


ResponsibleOhio Goes to Supreme Court Over Ballot Language

Earlier this month, the Ohio Ballot Board released ballot language for the proposed marijuana measure, Issue 3, but the group pushing the initiative, ResponsibleOhio, was quick to denounce the ballot language as false and misleading, leading the group to file a lawsuit.


ResponsibleOhio Releases First Statewide Ad

ResponsibleOhio’s new ad does not show marijuana and it makes very few references to the plant. Instead, the ad attacks the failed war on marijuana and uses Retired Cincinnati Police Capt. Howard Rahtz to make its case.