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Spokane Retroactively Vacates Marijuana Convictions

Spokane Retroactively Vacates Marijuana Convictions

In an attempt to even out what now seem like uneven punishments, the city of Spokane, Washington, has recently passed an ordinance to retroactively allow those with marijuana convictions to vacate them.


Mizanskey Commutation: One Straw in Missouri Wind

A recent decision by the governor of Missouri has received a good deal of national attention because it is one of many signs that things are headed the other way: authorities are calling a truce in the war on drugs or, at the least, they are muzzling the biggest guns.

Life Sentence

Life Sentence for Buying Marijuana?

(CNN) — Clearly something is broken when a Missouri man named Jeff Mizanskey can be sentenced to die in prison for purchasing seven pounds of marijuana. With two nonviolent marijuana convictions already on his record, Jeff received life without parole under Missouri’s three strikes law.