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Congressman Steve Cohen Grills Jeff Sessions Over Federal Marijuana Laws

Congressman Steve Cohen Grills Jeff Sessions Over Federal Marijuana Laws

Congressman Steve Cohen Grills Jeff Sessions Over Federal Marijuana Laws

Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN 9th District) questions Attorney General Jeff Sessions on America’s marijuana laws and Session’s infamous quote “good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

Cannabis in Casinos? Not Until Law Changes, Vegas Congresswoman Says

Cannabis in Casinos? Not Until Law Changes, Vegas Congresswoman Says

Congresswoman Dina Titus voted for the marijuana legalization measure on Nevada’s ballot a year ago. Since then, she has been fighting on Capitol Hill to get the federal government to respect the decision she and a majority of her constituents made to end prohibition.

The History of Marijuana in Arkansas

The History of Marijuana in Arkansas

Arkansas has certainly been focusing on victimless marijuana offenses since it first banned the drug in 1923, though the state has allowed medical marijuana since 2016. Voters approved the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment, which allows ill patients to use and safely obtain medical marijuana in Arkansas with a doctor’s approval. Now, the state legislature is implementing changes to the medical marijuana laws to improve the program.

3 Ways to Avoid Marijuana Stock Investment Scams

3 Ways to Avoid Marijuana Stock Investment Scams

Legal pot sales rose a stunning 34% in 2016 to $6.7 billion across North America, according to Arcview Market Research. But with growth this rapid, there’s bound to be more than a few marijuana stock investments that will be left behind.

Blumenauer and Rohrabacher Statement on Extension of Critical Medical Marijuana Protections Through December 8

Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), co-chairs of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, welcomed passage of legislation to extend protections for state medical marijuana programs through December 8.

History of Marijuana in Minnesota

History of Marijuana in Minnesota

Minnesota is the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, so it isn’t particularly known for its marijuana, but the plant has a history with the state dating back when hemp production was common. Hemp became a cash crop in the state but by 1957, the federal government banned hemp production completely. Many marijuana supporters are fighting to make the law more inclusive and hopefully, to legalize recreational marijuana in Minnesota.

The History of Marijuana in North Carolina

The History of Marijuana in North Carolina

Marijuana has thousands of years of history all across the world and in the United States. In the United States, marijuana has a history of prohibition and legalization both at the state and federal levels. Many southern states are actually taking action to join the fight for legalization. North Carolina is among one of these southern states that is moving forward with marijuana legalization.

Cannabis Banking and Public Bank

Treasurer Chiang, Cannabis Banking Working Group to Meet in Oakland After Trump Administration Signals Marijuana Crackdown

OAKLAND, Calif., March 27, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — State Treasurer John Chiang and the Cannabis Banking Working Group will meet Monday in Oakland to discuss solutions that provide greater access to banking to California’s future $7 billion legal cannabis industry.

Peruvian Attitudes Toward Medical Marijuana Shift After Raid on Moms' Lab

Peruvian Attitudes Toward Medical Marijuana Shift After Raid on Moms’ Lab

Peru is a conservative nation with strict drug laws and a politically right-leaning Congress, but when police raided a lab in which mothers made medical marijuana for their sick children, attitudes began to change, according to a March 2, 2017, article by Reuters.

How Big Is the Opportunity for Marijuana Stocks in Florida?

How Big Is the Opportunity for Marijuana Stocks in Florida?

Florida is undeniably behind the curve when it comes to passing pro-pot legislation, but the Sunshine State did make up some ground in November, when voters legalized medical marijuana in the state. How big could the medical marijuana market be in Florida for marijuana stocks?

New Hampshire Officers Worry About Legalization in Neighboring States

New Hampshire Officers Worry About Legalization in Neighboring States

Law enforcement officers in New Hampshire are worried about the impact of legalized marijuana in neighboring Massachusetts and Maine. “Regardless of what the existing laws are in the state of Maine or the state of Massachusetts, marijuana possession is illegal in New Hampshire,” State Police Lt. Chris Vetter said.

New York Knicks President Phil Jackson Foresees Changes in NBA Pot Policy

New York Knicks President Phil Jackson Foresees Changes in NBA Pot Policy

Phil Jackson, president of the New York Knicks, talked about marijuana use and the NBA during a visit to the CBS Sports Network program “We Need to Talk.” Jackson started by talking about his own marijuana use following the back surgery that kept him out of the 1969-1970 season when he was on the New York Knicks team.

Consumption Ban

MPP Statement Regarding the Nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for U.S. Attorney General

WASHINGTON, Nov. 18, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — The Marijuana Policy Project released the following statement Friday in response to President-elect Donald Trump’s announcement that he plans to nominate Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) as attorney general.

older Americans

In States With Medical Pot, Older Americans Healthier, More Likely to Work

Researchers at John Hopkins University and Temple University have discovered a correlation between older Americans’ workforce participation and states that have passed medical marijuana laws. Older Americans also show better overall health in those states, according to an Oct. 4, 2016, post on The Washington Post’s Wonkblog.

recreational marijuana

Legalized Recreational Marijuana Brings Decrease in Medicinal Pot Applications

A new study from GreenWave Advisors reveals a drop in medical-marijuana applications in states where marijuana has been legalized or soon could be, according to Forbes.com. In three states where recreational marijuana has been legalized—Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, D.C.—the number of patients seeking official medical marijuana certification has dropped.

Idaho State Police

Idaho Pot Confiscations Increase 1,000 Percent in Four Years

Marijuana confiscations by Idaho State Police have increased 1,000 percent during the past four years, thanks in part to legalization in neighboring Washington State, according to a report by KTVB.com. “We see it all the time and there’s no question that we are having to change the way that we train, the way that we do our job,” Capt. Bill Gardiner said.

Marijuana Arrest Disparities Buffalo Gallup Poll Atlanta City Council Reform Conference Manhattan Drug Policy Alliance Reform Cory Booker

Separating Myth From Fact: Drug Policy Alliance Releases New Marijuana Facts Booklet

WASHINGTON, July 28, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — Today, the Drug Policy Alliance released Marijuana Facts, intended for non-expert audiences seeking answers to some of the most common questions asked about marijuana use, its effects, and the rapidly-shifting legal landscape.

driving while impaired

THC Levels Not an Adequate Measure of Driving While Impaired

AAA’s safety foundation released a study that revealed the THC level in a driver’s blood is not an adequate measure of driving while impaired, the Associated Press reported on May 10, 2016. The study showed a driver’s impairment cannot be judged by a standardized level of THC, the psychoactive substance in marijuana.


Oregon Court Rules Pot Smell Is Not ‘Physically Offensive’

In Oregon, a Court of Appeals recently ruled that marijuana smoke is not physically offensive. The case stemmed from a 2012 incident where a Philomath man, Jared William Lang, was visited by local police. One of Lang’s neighbors had called the police because he could smell marijuana coming from Lang’s apartment.


Southwest Michigan Center Helps Patients Obtain Medicinal Marijuana

Depending upon where one lives in the state of Michigan, access to medicinal marijuana is either as easy as walking down the street and having your pick of the litter, or as difficult as having to drive either into the next township or even two counties away.


MJ License Restrictions Thwart ‘Ban the Box’ Employment Laws

“Ban the Box” or Fair Chance to Work laws are state statutes that limit an employer’s ability to ask an interviewee about arrests and convictions. Most job seekers assume that checking the box banishes an application to oblivion.


Colorado Keeps Current Caregiver Rules

On September 16, 2014, the Colorado Board of Health heard arguments and subsequently voted 6-1 against a proposal to change Colorado’s medical marijuana caregiver laws. For those of you that don’t know what a caregiver is, in Colorado, medical marijuana patients can designate an individual to grow and provide medical marijuana for them; those people are known are caregivers.