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U.S. senators from both parties try to ease banking for marijuana businesses

U.S. Senators Try to Ease Banking for Marijuana Businesses

U.S. Senators Try to Ease Banking for Marijuana Businesses

Republican and Democratic senators on Wednesday renewed their drive to make banking easier for marijuana businesses in those U.S. states where the drug is legal.

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Vanity Fair Article on Baby Boomer Penchant for Pot Treats Legality as Nonissue

A recent Vanity Fair article by Bill Bradley explores where baby boomer’s longing to relive their prime Summer of Love years but trapped inside states yet to legalize cannabis are scoring their product, and highlights how marijuana usage is quickly becoming a kind of mundane nonissue for many Americans.

Pot Banking

Pot Law and Pot Banking

Support for some form of legalization seems pretty broad, even if the coalition is strangely assembled of aging hippies, parents seeking medical treatment for desperately ill children and libertarians. The laws of the 23 states (including the District of Columbia), that permit some legal use of marijuana also protect different activities.