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Pot Profits in Philadelphia?

An Airing of Pipe Dreams and Profits at Philly Pot Conference

An Airing of Pipe Dreams and Profits at Philly Pot Conference

When the 1849 Gold Rush hit, it wasn’t the miners who got rich. The businessmen who sold blue jeans and pickaxes amassed the real fortunes.

New York State MMJ program

New York State Medical Marijuana Program Faces Low Enrollment and Limited Availability

On Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016, the New York State Department of Health updated its website to announce that 334 physicians have registered to certify patients for the New York State Medical Marijuana Program, with 551 patients having been certified.

Supreme Court

Legal Analysis: Marijuana at the Supreme Court

In what has been seen, depending on one’s perspective, as an obvious legal stance or an administration taking an overdue stand on federal intent, the Obama administration has again spoken publicly about its stance on marijuana reform.


Does American Legalization Challenge Mexican Cartels?

One of the ongoing rationalizations for the legalization of the drug trade in the United States has been to stop the associated crime that comes with prohibition. The drug trade across the Mexican border is one of the bloodiest on a regular basis.

issues to watch

Legislative Issues to Watch

At the Marijuana Investor Summit on April 22, 2015, attorneys Marc Ross, partner at Sichensia Ross Friedman Ference LLP, and Michael McGrory, partner at SmithAmundsen LLC, explored the history of marijuana laws and the factors that will shape future marijuana legislation.