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Colorado House Votes to Limit the Number of Plants in Marijuana Grows

Colorado House Votes to Limit Number of Plants in Marijuana Grows

Colorado House Votes to Limit Number of Plants in Marijuana Grows

The Colorado House has voted to impose a new restriction on the number of marijuana plants that can be grown in a residential space, according to a March 13, 2017 article in the Denver Post. If passed into law, the bill approved in the House would restrict all residential growing to 16 plants.

Colorado Senate Approves Marijuana Clubs

Colorado’s Marijuana Czar Could Move to Massachusetts

Andrew Freedman, Colorado’s director of marijuana coordination, could become a regulator for Massachusetts’ newly legalized adult-use marijuana industry, according to the Boston Globe. In Colorado, Freedman works with state government, law enforcement, the marijuana industry, and public health officials.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson Calls For Marijuana Legalization at New West Summit

Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, used Skype on Oct. 15, 2016, to tell about 1,000 New West Summit conference goers they should work for marijuana legalization. The summit, tagged “The Future of Cannabis, Now,” was held in downtown San Francisco, according to an Oct. 16, 2016, article at CNET.


Former NFL Running Back Ricky Williams Has Plans For Marijuana Businesses

Former NFL running back Ricky Williams recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about his plans for marijuana businesses. The post links to a longform article which was reported in tandem with a SI Films production entitled “Ricky Williams Takes The High Road.” Williams was suspended numerous times for violations of the NFL’s substance abuse policy.


Prohibition Gold Invents a Powdered-Marijuana Mixer Called PotShotz

Prohibition Gold has a new product for the recreational marijuana market: a powdered-pot mixer that dissolves in beverages. Called PotShotz, the mixer comes in a packet with 10 mg of THC in a quarter-teaspoon of powder. “This isn’t what comes to mind when you think about marijuana,” Prohibition Gold co-founder Tom Williams said.


Pueblo for Positive Impact Resists Marijuana Industry in Colorado

Pueblo for Positive Impact is an advocacy group in Pueblo County, Colorado that, according to its website, supports “Robust economic development for Pueblo County” and stand against “Government bodies which devise policy without sufficient citizen input,” but basically they don’t want marijuana around.

Pure Analytics

Pure Analytics is California’s premiere cannabis testing laboratory. It utilizes the skill set of seasoned scientists to test cannabis in the safest, most environmentally conscious way possible. In addition, Pure Analytics provides its customers with comprehensive analytical lab services, all of which are backed by Quality Control programs, as to ensure that customers receive the utmost reliable test results.


From Retirees to Young Potheads, Marijuana Investors Chase New Highs from Promise of ‘Trillion-Dollar Industry’

Plenty of excitable retail investors and even more excitable stock promoters made Toronto’s first marijuana investment conference resemble a typical junior mining show.


Law Enforcement Ditching War on Drugs

On June 17, 1971, President Richard Nixon stood before the American people and declared, “Narcotics addiction is a problem which afflicts both the body and the soul of America” and that action must be taken to stem the tide of the narcotic scourge sweeping the nation. Thus began the War on Drugs.

Green Rush Opportunities

Seeing Green: Investors Eye the Legalized Marijuana Industry

Past and present, investors always have been looking to cash in on the next big thing. In 1849, prospectors flocked west for the California Gold Rush. Today, investors are flocking towards the legalized marijuana industry, which is being referred to as the “green rush.”