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In Minnesota, Disagreement Over Medical Marijuana for PTSD

In Minnesota, Disagreement Over Medical Marijuana for PTSD

In Minnesota, Disagreement Over Medical Marijuana for PTSD

In Minnesota, medicinal cannabis companies and the state’s health commissioner disagree with the state Veterans Affairs regarding the use of medical marijuana for PTSD. The controversy centers around the commissioner’s decision to include PTSD among the conditions that qualify for medical marijuana, while Veterans Affairs prohibits its use.

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Legalized Recreational Marijuana Brings Decrease in Medicinal Pot Applications

A new study from GreenWave Advisors reveals a drop in medical-marijuana applications in states where marijuana has been legalized or soon could be, according to Forbes.com. In three states where recreational marijuana has been legalized—Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, D.C.—the number of patients seeking official medical marijuana certification has dropped.


Israeli Study of Medical Marijuana Shows Improvements in Users

A recently released Israeli study showed patients who used medical cannabis experienced less pain and more ability to function, according to a May 26, 2016, article at JPost.com. Medical marijuana has been legal in Israel for a decade and more than 20,000 are licensed to use it, JPost.com reported. However, “there has been no information about the users themselves,” said the study’s leader, Prof. Pesach Shvartzman of Ben-Gurion University.


University Establishes Medical Marijuana Research And Education Center

Jefferson University in Philadelphia has established The Center for Medical Cannabis Education and Research, according to Phillymag.com. University officials said the CMCER is the “first center of its kind.” Its purpose will be to provide doctors and patients with direction for marijuana-based therapies, and it will gather information about medical marijuana research.


Swiss Researchers Approve ‘Therapeutic Cannavaping’

Researchers at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland have concluded electronic cigarettes with cannabis oil are a safe alternative to smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes. Reporting their findings in Scientific Reports, the researchers said their e-cigarette oil delivered a therapeutic level of cannabis without causing partakers to get high.


Chong’s Cancer Returns as He Prepares For New Talk Show

Comedian and marijuana advocate Tommy Chong has revealed he is preparing to undergo surgery for prostate cancer after previously suggesting that hemp oil treatment and a medical marijuana prescription had rendered him “99 percent cancer free.” Meanwhile, he is also preparing to launch a new online talk show.