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Report: Arizona Sold 29 Tons of Medical Marijuana in 2016

Report: Arizona Sold 29 Tons of Medical Marijuana in 2016

Report: Arizona Sold 29 Tons of Medical Marijuana in 2016

More Arizonans are using medical marijuana than ever before. This is according to a year-end report on the state’s medical marijuana program, which was released on Jan. 24, 2017, by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Study: Marijuana Use Increases in U.S., Especially Among Men

Study: Marijuana Use Increases in US, Especially Among Men

A new study shows increased marijuana use among U.S. adults, especially among men, according to a Nov. 29, 2016, press release from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. Researchers compared 2002 data with 2014 data and found 4 million more women and 6 million more men had used marijuana within the past year.


Research: Daily Marijuana Use Leads to Lower BMI

A reasonable person could expect weight gain among pot smokers who devour snacks after bong hits, but those extra pounds might not appear after all. New research reveals a correlation between daily marijuana use and lower body mass index, according to an abstract recently posted by the National Institutes for Health.

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Weekly CannaBit: Gender Gap in Medical Marijuana Program Participation

Weekly CannaBit for the week of Dec. 7, 2015: Women are significantly less likely to participate in medical marijuana programs than men. Women account for half of the U.S. population but only represent one-quarter of the patients in Arizona.