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World of Cannabis - Medical Marijuana State Initiatives

World of Cannabis: Medical Marijuana State Initiatives

World of Cannabis: Medical Marijuana State Initiatives

Watch the World of Cannabis in Las Vegas tackle the details of medical marijuana state initiatives. Matthew Abel, attorney and director of Michigan NORML, covers recent medical marijuana developments in Michigan. Ari Gerstin, an attorney in Miami, and Michael C. Minardi, Senior Partner at Minardi Law, provide an update on medical marijuana in Florida.

Top 5 States for Marijuana Stocks

Top 5 States for Marijuana Stocks

Over the next five years, the U.S. marijuana market could be worth tens of billions of dollars, and according to GreenWave Advisors, LLC, these five states could move the needle most for marijuana companies. Learn just how big the marijuana market may be in California, Washington, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Michigan in 2021.

Michigan's Higher Ed: MSU Extension Workshops on Marijuana Laws

Michigan’s Higher Ed: MSU Extension Workshops on Marijuana Laws

On Jan. 5, 2017, Michigan State University Extension announced that it will be give workshops on Michigan’s new medical marijuana laws to local governments as a means of helping municipalities navigate the updated regulatory landscape.

Michigan Court of Appeals Overturns MMJ Transport Law

Michigan Court of Appeals Overturns MMJ Transport Law

On Dec. 20, 2016, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that the state’s medical marijuana act takes precedent over a law that restricts how patients can transport medical marijuana. The ruling is the result of a 2014 case where medical marijuana patient Callen Latz was arrested for improperly transporting marijuana.

Michigan Marijuana Seminar Educates Caregivers and Patients

Michigan Marijuana Seminar Educates Caregivers and Patients

Both state and local legislation is ever-changing in the medical marijuana industry. A seminar was held yesterday focused on educating caregivers, patients, and dispensary owners. FOX 47’s Scott Wolchek spoke with those attending to find out how this education will affect them and those in need of medical marijuana.

Kent County Sheriff Department Narcotics Investigations into Illegal Sales at Dispensaries

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Nov. 29, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — On Monday November 28th, 2016 the Kent Area Narcotics Enforcement Team (K.A.N.E.T.) conducted several search warrants throughout Kent County.


Michigan Audit Reveals One Doctor Certified 11,810 Patients For Medical Marijuana

A new audit of Michigan’s medical marijuana program revealed one doctor certified 11,810 patients for medicinal pot in fiscal year 2015, according to an article in the Detroit Free Press. The numbers of certifications coming from small numbers of doctors has raised a red flag with Michigan Auditor General Doug Ringler.


Detroit TV News Anchor Retires to Fight For Legalization in Michigan

A Fox 2 Detroit news anchor has announced she will retire from the television station to work with a pro-marijuana group in Michigan. Anqunette Jamison Sarfoh, a 22-year veteran of broadcast journalism, is slated to be introduced as a new leader in MILegalize at a fundraiser in Ann Arbor, Mich., on Nov. 2, 2016.

Ohio Bill Would Limit Medical Marijuana Reciprocity

Ohio Bill Would Limit Medical Marijuana Reciprocity

In Ohio, a bill limiting reciprocity between other medical marijuana states has been submitted to the legislature. Under existing law, Ohio has the ability to enter into reciprocity agreements with other medical marijuana states that have similar patient requirements.

Michigan House Approves Medical Marijuana Reform Bills

Michigan House Approves Medical Marijuana Reform Bills

On Sept. 14, 2016, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a number of bills that would overhaul its medical marijuana system. Initially passed back in 2015, the bills have languished in the Senate due to delays; however, after some minor changes, the bills were returned to the Senate for final approval.

Michigan Supreme Court Refuses to Hear MI Legalize Appeal

Michigan Supreme Court Refuses to Hear MI Legalize Appeal

It is unlikely that recreational marijuana will appear on the ballot in Michigan this November. According to The Detroit Free Press, the Michigan Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal filed by the group MI Legalize to put a initiative legalizing recreational marijuana on the November ballot.

MI Legalize

Michigan Group Argues For Ballot Question on Pot Legalization

MI Legalize is arguing a question about pot legalization should appear on Michigan’s November ballot, despite the state’s claim that some of the group’s petition signatures are out of date, according to an Aug. 7, 2016, article at Michigan Radio. State law requires signatures on petitions for ballot questions to be no older than 180 days, but some on this petition are.

Michigan Legalization Group's Petition Signatures Deemed Insufficient

Michigan Legalization Group’s Petition Signatures Deemed Insufficient

On June 7, 2016, Michigan’s elections bureau announced that MI Legalize, was at least 106,000 signatures short of qualifying for the state’s ballot in November, as reported by the Associated Press.


Detroit Dispensaries Drop Medical Marijuana Lawsuit

On April 8, 2016, a lawsuit challenging Detroit’s new medical marijuana laws was dropped by the group of medical marijuana dispensaries that had filed the case. Under the new rules, medical marijuana dispensaries are barred from operating within 1,000 feet of a school, park, church or day care.


Study Finds Medical Marijuana Treatment Reduces Use of Opioids

On March 22, 2016, the University of Michigan announced that a recent study conducted by the U-M School of Public Health and Medical School found that patients who treated chronic pain with medical marijuana had a 64 percent reduction in their use of prescription opioids.


Third Michigan Legalization Petition Joins the Fray

Michigan now has a third full adult use legalization initiative in the signature gathering phase: MILegalize, Michigan Cannabis Control and Revenue Act and the most recent contender, Abrogate Prohibition Michigan, the least restrictive of the three.


Most Likely to Succeed in 2016

Marijuana activists and political junkies can barely wait for 2016 to begin, and the list-making has been in full flower for months. But full adult-use legalization may depend as much on the nuts and bolts of petition deadlines or legislative calendars as it does on history, social attitudes and the state of medical marijuana regulation.


Michigan Rejects Adding Autism to Qualifying Conditions

Autism will not be added to Michigan’s list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. Although there has been a growing movement of parents campaigning for the condition to be added, the decision ultimately rested with Mike Zimmer.


Michigan Supreme Court Revisits Medical Marijuana

For the ninth time in as little as seven years, the Michigan Supreme Court has passed down yet another ruling on medical marijuana in the state. In an interesting twist, the court issued one decision for two cases that shared similar circumstances; however, a definitive resolution was not reached.


Southwest Michigan Center Helps Patients Obtain Medicinal Marijuana

Depending upon where one lives in the state of Michigan, access to medicinal marijuana is either as easy as walking down the street and having your pick of the litter, or as difficult as having to drive either into the next township or even two counties away.

Medical Cannabis Institute

The Medical Cannabis Institute Expands Global Reach and Patient Audiences Through New Affiliate Program

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., June 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The Medical Cannabis Institute (TMCI) launched its new affiliate program today, expanding the reach of its educational programming to new audiences within the patient community, as well as to new global markets in Central and Southern Europe.

Cash States

7 States That Would Earn the Most Money by Legalizing Marijuana

Some of us are still processing this whole marijuana legalization deal. For many people, it’s kind of hard to believe legalization is actually really happening — it’s no longer simply a topic of discussion marijuana smokers debate over, it’s right here.


Talking to Your Doctor About Cannabis

Today there are 23 states that allow the medical use of cannabis. Colorado and Washington also allow recreational use. It is imperative for physicians and the healthcare industry to expand their knowledge of a plant some of their patients are ingesting on a regular basis.

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