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Insurance to Cover Medical Marijuana?

Insurance to Cover Medical Marijuana?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has faced conservative opposition ever since the subject first cropped up. Despite that, it is in place and moving along quite nicely, at least for now. A similar amount of opposition has confronted the campaign for medical marijuana. Until recently, issues regarding the ACA and medical marijuana have remained separate, which is best for both; however, new reports have highlighted that issues of insurance and medical marijuana are intersecting.


Industry Success for Attentive Investors

Whereas 21 U.S. States have legalized medical marijuana and customers are queuing up to buy it, the same is not true of financial institutions. They complain about the heavy fines they could incur if they so much as touch a banknote that smells of pot. This has caused Walgreen, CVS and Rite Aid to stay clear, but it has left the field wide open for new entrants.


Medibles Mobilize in Market

Medibles have mobilized. MagicalButter, a company based in Seattle, unveiled The Samich, a pink and green food truck, at the Cannabis Cup in late April. The Cannabis Chef, an online resource for cooking with cannabis, offers recipes and insight. Jane and Mary Box launch quarterly subscription service, which “provides subscribers with the specialty ingredients and tools required to concoct delicious, gourmet herb-infused edible creations in the comfort of their own home (subscribers only have to provide their own marijuana or infused additives).”


NFL Rethinks Marijuana

The debate on what should happen to marijuana convictions has already started, and will continue for as long as federal law is out of harmony with states like Colorado and Washington.

The discussion has spread to the NFL, with Cleveland Brown’s Josh Gordon likely sitting on the bench for 2014. As Toronto Sun points out, pot is hardly performance enhancing, so why can’t players roll their own? The NFL is there to police a sport, not the nation’s ethical contradictions.

Pot Leaf

Pot Leaf Symbol: Kids Can Detect Medibles

Pot leaf symbol: Could it be used as a label to warn children not to consume medibles?Colorado hopes so. Dispensaries are required to provide patients and recreational users with childproof labeling and packaging upon checkout. The reason for this is quite obvious: to prevent children from accidentally eating these enticing treats, and, consequently, getting high.


Cartels Can’t Maintain Cannabis Demand

Rodrigo Silla, a cannabis farmer in Mexico, complained to The Washington Post that growing marijuana is “not worth it anymore,” and added how he wishes “the Americans would stop with this legalization.” Mexican cartels are having trouble competing with legal weed.

Green Rush Opportunities

Seeing Green: Investors Eye the Legalized Marijuana Industry

Past and present, investors always have been looking to cash in on the next big thing. In 1849, prospectors flocked west for the California Gold Rush. Today, investors are flocking towards the legalized marijuana industry, which is being referred to as the “green rush.”

Massachusetts Muddles

Massachusetts Muddles Medical Marijuana

The Massachusetts government operates a dual medical marijuana policy. This includes strict regulation of street front dispensaries, and a laissez faire take on patients who prefer to grow their own or obtain it from a caregiver operating on a one on one basis. The latter was intended to allow patients to continue using their own sources. On May 11, the Boston Globe blew the cover on a medical marijuana cottage industry with blurred boundaries.

Pennsylvania May Pilot Pot Program

Pennsylvania May Pilot Pot for Patients

By Richard Farrell On January 30, 2014, Paul Carpenter of The Morning Call wrote an impassioned plea to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett to unbend a little from his hard position on medical marijuana. “I want Corbett to tell parents in person why he lacks the guts or integrity to accommodate the needs of people whose

Event halted?

CSO’s Event Vaporized in Colorado?

An innovative event series hosted by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO) invites potheads to a concert at a private art gallery where they can puff away while grooving to chamber music. Denver wants to halt the event because they claim it could violate city and state rules according to a constitutional amendment that bans pot use in public places.

Florida Medical Marijuana

Florida Weaving Charlotte’s Web

The Miami Herald reported on May 1, 2014, that Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) will sign the low-THC “Charlotte’s Web” medical marijuana bill (SB 1030) that the Florida House passed in a landslide vote of 111-7. CBS Miami reports some who might have voted against the bill felt “their hearts were swayed by the stories of parents seeking to help children with severe epilepsy.” Even though the Senate also passed the Bill, the House made some changes that will require the Senate to vote again before the bill goes to Gov. Rick Scott.

Christie Long Shot

Christie, Never Is a Long Shot

On April 21, 2014, CNN’s Political Ticker reported on a pessimistic exchange on Christie’s monthly “Ask the Governor” radio spot. His response to a probe concerning the benefits of legalizing marijuana was the flat retort, “You say it’s going to come down the road. You know it may come down the road when I’m gone. It’s not going to come while I’m here.”

Quinnipiac Colorado Pot Poll

Quinnipiac Talks Marijuana in Colorado

Quinnipiac University news release from April 28, 2014: researchers report on opinions in Colorado following the January 1, 2014, legalization. The overall conclusion is good news for marijuana investors. The system is bedding down nicely. The majority seem content, although some dissent is inevitable.


Nevada’s Clark County Expects Marijuana

By Richard Farrell Clark County in southern Nevada had just over two million residents in 2011, making it the most populous part of the state. It counts Las Vegas, where most things go easy, as one of the jewels in its crown. Attractions for greener visitors include towering mountains, and deserts with an eclectic range

Kent. Photo credit: A. Carlos Herrera.

Kent Says No More Market Gardeners

Washington has two overlapping marijuana statutes on the books. One is a medical marijuana law that went into effect in 2012. The other is the broader Initiative 501 that seeks to regulate marijuana possession. Before Gov. Chris Gregoire signed the medical bill in 2011, she exercised her line-veto right to remove a number of provisions, including the part that provided for a patient registry.

Minnesota Investors

Minnesota Marijuana Mad or Mindful?

Investors are eyeing the Minnesota market carefully following a Senate Health and Human Services Committee decision on April 25, 2014, to refer a medical marijuana bill to a full sitting of the upper house for consideration. The bipartisan vote was a surprising three to seven in favor. The proposal has a bumpy road ahead of it, seeing that Gov. Mark Dayton favors research first.


GrowLife Smoking, Industry in Flames?

When the SEC temporarily suspended the trading of GrowLife securities (OTCMKTS: PHOT) on April 10, it sounded an official fire alarm. Maybe GrowLife was simply sending smoke signals, but the SEC’s suspension was lifted yesterday and it appears many investors feared the company was in flames. Forbes reported stocks plummeting 60 percent before lunchtime and by close of trading, the stocks were down 58.17 percent.

Governmental Problems

Media Mix: Marijuana Problems

Yesterday, authorities shook down the details of marijuana management in a variety of states and counties. Some were pyrrhic victories by officials resisting change. Others represented a small step towards freedom. Another take could be that they are a sign that marijuana has come home to our restlessly bickering society.


Cannabis-Rx on the Prowl in Florida

The trio of industrial facilities purchased by Cannabis-Rx in Florida should make good grow and distribution centers if either of these bills passes into law. The buildings are in a depressed area that they could help rejuvenate, and the investment could be wise in more ways than one. Current talk is that Cannabis-Rx may subdivide the space, rent it out, and then finance tenant equipment purchases.

420 Rally Denver

420 Pot Party in Denver

By Richard Farrell In 1971, when marijuana was still firmly in the closet, a bunch of California high school kids used the term 420 as their private code for pot. This helped them to remember to meet at 4:20 p.m. when school was out, to share their hobby in the shadow of a quiet wall.

Colorado Proves Providence Pays

Colorado Proves Providence Pays

The motto of The Centennial State is “nil sine numine,” which means nothing without help from the powers above. Providence also means prudence, foresight and sagacity. Colorado had all three in abundance when it came to recognizing citizens’ rights to marijuana. Its wise decision has also sparked new business opportunities.

New York State of Marijuana

New York and the State of Marijuana

The Big Apple’s take on marijuana as medicine remains ambivalent, despite Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s tentative approach towards clinical trials. He is also playing cute when it comes to sourcing test material. This makes it difficult to find an answer to the question on New Yorkers’ tongues.

Goldberg Sings Marijuana

Goldberg Sings Whoopee for Weed

What can you say about a great American personality, comedian, singer-songwriter, actress and political activist that has not been said a hundred times before? This time, Whoopi Goldberg beat the media to the post by outing herself, and this is good news for the movement.

Holder Not Quite High on Hope

Attorney General Eric Holder’s Hopes High?

While Eric Holder may have told the Huffington Post of his “youthful experimentation” when in college, he is not holding out for a marijuana victory on Capitol Hill anytime soon. Nonetheless, the Attorney General is “cautiously optimistic” about what is happening in Colorado and Washington. MMJ Investor News treats this as progress, considering it comes straight from the horse’s mouth.

MaryJane Group Bud & Breakfast

MaryJane Group Cooks Up Bud & Breakfast

Nevada shell company Pladeo Corp. has announced intentions to provide a range of services in the marijuana sector. Targeted activities include providing advertising, entertainment, finance, marketing and lodging services. It is currently waiting for the FINRA to approve its new name, The MaryJane Group Inc. The company has already started rolling out services in downtown Denver.

Low Cannabidiol Cards

Is Low Cannabidiol Social Marijuana in the Cards?

The debate around whether to allow pot or not generally follows two themes. The medical string focuses on strains high in cannabidiol that are helpful when used as palliative treatment. The real issue regards proponents of the social movement, who want access to cultivars with intoxicating concentrations of cannabidiol.

Sector Conference for Women

Next Gen. Metals (C.N.) Launches The World’s First Medical Marijuana Investment Conference

Next Gen Metals (CSE:C.N, Stock Forum), a Vancouver-based firm that has left the mining sector and entered the emerging medical marijuana sector, announced today the creation of a wholly-owned subsidiary, GreenRush Financial Conferences, to provide a platform to educate and facilitate both investors interested in MMJ and other entities in the MMJ sector seeking financing.

Vote Legal Compass

Vote Legal: Five States May Take High Road

As medical marijuana barriers come tumbling down across America, the smart money is wondering which state will follow Colorado and Washington down the road to full legalization. The answer does not lie in a single factor model. First the people must vote. Next their legislators must be in sync. Finally, the governor must go along with the decision.

Vending Marijuana

Avon Pushes Green Vending in Colorado

The Zazzz vending machine and the Amherst pot party are signs of a minor revolution sweeping through America. While they pale in comparison to more historic social movements, there are similarities because Americans are tired of waiting for change so now they are demanding it.


Media Mix: Curiosity Charms Cannabis Cat

Barring a few spats to come in the heartland of conservatism, medical marijuana has become a feature in American media. Sure, we bicker endlessly over it, but that’s our culture. For today’s post I grabbed three media reports almost at random. Taken together, they make for a curious story.

Ganja Game Changer Georgia

Ganja Game Changer in Georgia

Deal suggests that Georgia takes time out before the next legislative session to do clinical research in a controlled environment. One plan involves teaming a commercial drug manufacturer with George Regents University. The other is to allow the academics to use cannabis oil procured legally from the National Institute on Drug Abuse based at the University of Mississippi.

Bill Held Over Caution

Medical Marijuana Bill Delayed in Minnesota

Tensions have been running high in Minnesota lately, with Gov. Mark Dayton facing a television commercial that openly accuses him of singlehandedly blocking medical marijuana. However, he isn’t blocking all medical marijuana, rather he has been trying to steamroll a restricted measure that only permits medical marijuana for seizure disorders. Activists have discounted this because it deprives many other patients of the benefits.

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