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Will Anti-Monopoly Sentiment Shape State Cannabis Regs?

Will Anti-Monopoly Sentiment Shape State Cannabis Regs?

Does the consumer have a legally protected right to cannabis at a price and of a quality determined by free market forces? Will this idea play a role in shaping state licensing schemes?

Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey Really Hopes Marijuana Becomes Legal in Ohio

Cincinnati native Nick Lachey has been a musician as part of boy band 98 Degrees, the star of multiple reality shows, a restaurateur, a TV host, and probably some other stuff—and if the citizens of Ohio pass a proposed marijuana legalization bill on Nov. 3, 2015, he’ll be able to add marijuana kingpin to his resume.


ResponsibleOhio Goes to Supreme Court Over Ballot Language

Earlier this month, the Ohio Ballot Board released ballot language for the proposed marijuana measure, Issue 3, but the group pushing the initiative, ResponsibleOhio, was quick to denounce the ballot language as false and misleading, leading the group to file a lawsuit.


Ohio Assembly Wants to Thwart ResponsibleOhio Monopoly

In Ohio, a handful of marijuana legalization groups are scrambling to get their competing voter initiatives on the ballot for 2016. ResponsibleOhio is the most notable of these groups and has drawn heavy criticism from both sides of the debate.


ResponsibleOhio Campaign Accused of Initiating a Growers’ Monopoly

Political consultant Ian James gathered enough signatures for his name to appear on Ohio’s November ballot for a state initiative to legalize marijuana. A lawyer helped him draft the constitutional amendment, which states only 10 growers would be allowed to supply Ohio’s cannabis market on 10 specific land parcels.